Our Favorite Green Cocktails & Dazzling Drinkware for St. Patrick’s Day

When March 17 rolls around, a little Irish comes out in all of us.  On St. Patrick’s Day millions of people everywhere come together to celebrate the Irish culture by wearing the color green, taking a stab at traditional Irish dancing and drinking lots of booze. If you’re not a big fan of beer or can’t find a nearby Irish pub or parade to celebrate, we’ve got the perfect green concoctions and drinkware to help you create your own soirée and wow your friends!  In fact, our shimmering glasses may make you forget all about wearing beads. What’s the number one Swoozie’s must-have you might ask?  The green Acrylic Double Wall Glitter Tumblers of course!

1. The Shamrocker

The Shamrocker is a sophisticated yet simple tequila mixture with a delicious fruity taste. Its combination of melon and orange gives you just the right amount of flavor and fun. Garnish with a few orange slices to really prove you know what you’re doing. Simply mix in a cocktail shaker, throw in some ice and enjoy!



1 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur

1 oz. Silver Tequila

½ oz. Triple Sec

A splash of orange juice

Try It! The GoVino Cocktail Glass Set goes perfectly with the Shamrocker. Even better, these glasses are recyclable, shatterproof and come with a unique thumb notch for easy swirling and holding. Drink up!

Source: CoastalCompanion.com


 2. The Classic Mojito

The Mojito is a classic cocktail that can be served on St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year (If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already had your share of these before). Its hint of lime and mint leaves gives the perfect homage to the color green, and it is best served in any tall glass. You can also make your own simple syrup for extra bragging rights.



½ oz. lime juice

1 tsp. refined sugar

3-5 mint leaves

A splash of club soda to top off

Try It! Swoozie’s Acrylic Double Wall Glitter Tumblers will take your cocktails to a brand new level! Mojitos are traditionally served with stirring rods, so the built in straws are sure to keep your drinks tasty and fresh. The double-walled acrylic layer also helps keep the beverages cold.  While you’re at it, stock up on a few green Personalized Napkins also!

Source: Esquire.com


3. Green with Envy

If you love this cocktail’s name, you’ll love that it gives you a taste of the islands as well.  With only four simple ingredients, this drink is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and count down to your Spring Break getaway. Serve with ice cubes or combine the ingredients with ice in a blender for a little more variety. Top with pineapple, orange slices or cherries and get your hula skirt ready!



1 oz. Coconut Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur

1 oz. Pineapple Juice or Orange Juice

2 ½ oz. sweet and sour mix

Try It! Whether you prefer smaller, green Acrylic Glasses  or Jumbo Striped Acrylic Glasses, we’ve got plenty of options for you and your guests to enjoy. These multi-purpose glasses are stylish and easy to carry when socializing with friends. You can even add your own personal touch with vinyl personalization.

Source: Cosmopolitan.com



4. Irish Tea Party

Simply stated, the Irish Tea Party is the Irish version of a Long Island Iced Tea. Complete with a Southern and Irish staple, this whiskey mix brings both worlds together in one glass. Serve with Irish Tea Cake to compliment your mixology skills, and garnish with a lime wedge.


2 oz. sweetened, chilled green tea

½ oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey

½ oz. Absinthe to rinse in glass

A splash of ginger ale

Try It! Pair this drink or any treats with these Kate Spade Cocktail Napkins and Kate Spade Coasters, designed with cute, popular sayings. Both sets come with a blue pair, which actually was the initial color of choice for St. Patrick’s Day in the 17th century!

Source: cocktals.lovetoknow.com



5. Kiss Me I’m Irish Martini

Feeling lucky? The Kiss Me I’m Irish Martini is sure to be your best pick of the night. Because this drink is so simple to make, you can spend most of your time enjoying your friends and less time in the kitchen. Even better, this cocktail is low in calories!



2 ½ oz. Sparkling wine

1 oz. Midori Sour

1 oz. vodka

1 ½ oz. lemonade

Try It! Before adding the sparkling wine, use a green CHILL Pouring Spout to serve your martinis at the right temperature all night long. Insert the cooling pour spout after two hours in the freezer, and instantly enhance the drink’s flavor. You’ll want to use it for every wine night! Switch it up with personalized cups too.

Source: digthisdesign.net




Which drinks are you dying to try? Share with us! 

Monogrammed Must-haves

At Swoozie’s, we monogram almost anything! Personalization = Fabulous.

Take a look at some of our top monogrammed must-haves!

1. The Beach Tote

This one is a biggie! Don’t confuse your beach bag for another look alike when on vacation with your girlfriends. You all have cute bags, but the monogramming takes your bag to a new level of “adorable!”


2. Dorm Towel

When you’re sharing a floor with 20 other girls, it’s tricky to buy cute towels. You don’t want to accidentally leave it in the shower one day and never see it again. Monogramming your towel not only makes it so much cuter, but also stamps your name on your property.


3. Tumbler

We think this is just lovely. Many of you are already SWOOing over this beauty. FACT OF LIFE: You need at least one monogrammed tumbler. If it’s not monogrammed, it’s not personal! And who wouldn’t want to put your name all over one of these?



Click here for all our monogrammed best sellers. Happy monogramming!

This Spring Start Using Proper Thank-You Note Etiquette

The Spring brings plenty of opportunities to celebrate and for us all to show gratitude.  It is our belief that the best way to give thanks is to make it personal. For this reason, we asked Mindy Lockard of Gracious Living to weigh in with her tips for how to properly write a thank-you note. 

Mindy is a nationally recognized etiquette expert and teaches formal etiquette courses for people of all ages, providing valuable corporate training for schools, government agencies, and private companies. She also included for us her favorite picks on thank you notes at Swoozie’s, too!

With so many Springtime events around the corner such as Graduations, Baby and Wedding Showers, let’s take a look at how we can add a little Spring to our Thank-You writing step! A thank-you is a physical sentiment of the recipients’ true gratitude, not only for the act or gift but also for the thought, time and care that went into the gift giving process. Often times the thank-you note writing process is much easier said than done. Here are a few gracious suggestions for taking the chore out of writing and adding heart to every note you write this season.

The Rules. There are really only two real ‘rules’ that you need to worry about in writing your thank-you notes. They are (1) that you write them and (2) that you send them out promptly.” Many leading etiquette experts differ on the amount of time between receiving a gift and writing a thank-you note (from two to ten days). Sometimes in our hectic lives our thank-you notes get put off for weeks with the guilt hanging over our heads. No matter what the time, it is always important to send a thank-you.

The Supplies. If you don’t have everything you need to write a note, that is a huge roadblock for writing and sending a thank-you in an appropriate amount of time. Keep a basket or box with the following items:

  •  Stationery (personalized cards and quick, cute notes of varying sizes for different lengths of notes)
  • A pen that features your penmanship well
  • Addresses (in hardcopy or on your computer)
  • Stamps
  • Tracking Guide {click to download the template!}

What to Say? Often we put off thank-you notes because of a little something I call handwriting stage fright. But remember, the key to a well-written thank-you note is not found in profound statements, the use of large words, or even perfect penmanship. A well-written thank-you removes the “I” and replaces it with “you.” It is easy to make the notes about us: “I loved it.” “I appreciate your friendship.” “I will use it often.” I, I, I. Create the discipline of making the note about the other person: “You always select the most thoughtful gifts.” “Your friendship means the world to our family.” “You were so kind to think of me while I was ill.” “You have a gift in the kitchen,” etc. Thank-you notes are about crediting the giver of the gift or act of kindness while expressing your sentiment. A note written with the giver in mind will become a handwritten gift worth treasuring!

The Presentation. Although we should not be judged by the nature of our thank-you, we should make a concerted effort to present ourselves well. Taking the extra time to draft a note, consult a dictionary or thesaurus when necessary, and use a pen that presents our penmanship well shows the readers that we took the extra care and effort to make the thank-you a lovely one!

Get Creative with Chalkboard China!

At Swoozie’s, we LOVE finding innovative, unique, and fun products that will start conversations whenever you have guests visit your home. As soon as we met Candace Neff Randolph, we knew she had a fabulous collection that any Swoozie’s girl would love – Chalkboard China.

With a love for entertaining, Candace was searching for a way to customize and personalize her dishes for individual events. Inspired by her mother, grandmother, and the desire to make other feel welcomed in her home, Candace came up with the idea of Chalkboard China. This collection features wine glasses, a charger, carafe, vase, and a variety of dishes that each feature a section covered in a washable, chalkboard coating.

These dishes are PERFECT for a dinner party, bridal tea, or even a rehersal dinner. To plan your seating arrangement, simply pull out your piece of chalk and write your guest’s name along the brim of the charger. Or for fun, you can doodle a festive design on the plate to go along with the current season. The wine glasses also make it easy for your guests to keep up with their drinks. There is no need to remember which wine charm is her’s when her name is written right on the glass!

Have you used any Chalkboard China pieces at any of your bridal functions or dinner parties?

We Listened to You and Made Some Tweaks to Swoozies.com – give it a whirl and give us your take!

Firstly, we’ve added many fabulous fall items to the on-line assortment. We have also brought back many of your favorites to the web site including the personalized cell phone covers.

And, we took your feedback to heart and made it easier to use Swoozies.com. Here are the ‘tweaks’ –

  • More simple, intuitive navigation. Changes to major categories and subcategories make your favorite gifts, personalized items and stationery easier to find.
  • Consolidated, ‘Shop by Catalog’ option placing all of our major catalogs in one place which means an easier shopping experience for you!
  • We have updated the site with tons of our latest new Swoozie’s brilliant gifts right under ‘Brilliant Gifts’! Updated with all our latest brilliant fall gifts (like these fabulous casserole carriers!) We even brought back personalized cell phone covers!
  • Our phone number is now front and center on the homepage. We want to hear from you!
Tell us what you think – the good and the bad.  We want to make sure that you can find your ‘go-to’s’ AKA your favorite gifts, personalized item and invitations. We made it easy, leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page  and we’ll continue to work it like any Swoozie’s girl would!
As a special thanks for giving the updated site a whirl, take 10% off your purchases online today through Friday! Use code TAKE10 for 10% off at checkout through Friday, August 12th at 12 midnight!

Brilliant High School Graduation Gift Guide for the Class of ’11!


My son has several friends that are girls that have been an important part of his high school friendships. I have only had boys, so I’m not sure what is appropriate. I will need 8 or so gifts and would like to stay under $25 each.


A guy doesn’t want to give a gift that is too feminine or personal.

Here are 4 brilliant options:

1. personalized cooler

Simply add some drinks or a grocery gift card!

2. 2011 frame

Add pictures of him with the friend. They never have enough pictures for the dorm.

3. insulated Tervis Tumbler

It’s a college must-have. Choose from a pre-initialed, collegiate or personalized with a name or monogram.

4. acrylic tumbler with straw

A great gift if you’re buying a lot of gifts. Simply add a coupon for a drink from Chick-fil-A!


My daughter has 5 very special best friends. She has known them since she was in grade school, and I feel like they are my daughters. What’s something very special that she can give?

Personalized items are key because they show that you thought of each person and took the time to make their gift special. Three major categories come into play as great gifting:

1. What they might use in the dorm

2. Gifts used for going back and forth between home and school on those short weekends.

3. Great items for summer travel plans

Here are 5 personalized gift options for those very special friends.

1. personalized wraps

They’re great in patterns or solid hues, and they can double as beach cover ups (like this one!) Pair with a matching shower caddy, which is a must-have for dorm life going back and forth from showers.

2. weekender tote

It’s great for getaways. We love this Juicy Burst pattern for Spring and Summer. It has all the right colors! Pair it with a matching cosmetic case.

3. give the gift of organization!

We love this cute and functional laundry bag and over-the-door organizer in Juicy Burst. They’re perfect together or alone. Load the laundry bag with quarters, and fill the organizer with things from the drug store.

4. chic canvas carrying case

Give this alone or use it to present a camera as a gift!

5. tech gifts

Personalized iPhone covers are perfect, and we have dozens to choose from! Tablet covers make great gifts too!


I have so many gifts to give, so I want to keep each under $20. What are some great options?


There are so many options for under $20! Here are 7 we think grads will love.

1. initial pendant

2. face case

It’s lined with plastic in case there are makeup oops!

3. bikini bag

Also lined with plastic, this gift is super cute and very practical.

4. acrylic initial glasses

Can we just say, these are stupid cute?! We love them!

5. koozie

6. umbrella

Perfect for walking to class on a rainy day. A girl still wants to look cute when the weather is dreary.

7. personalized stationery

Graduates will have many thank you notes to write. Plus, they might even find time to write letters home to mom and dad once college begins!


My daughter is traveling this summer with a few friends. Do you have any ideas for an appropriate gift?

1. weekender bag

We love this bag! Add some flip flops and a matching brush.

2. personalized beach chair cover

Give a different color or pattern to each of the girls.


Class of ’11. It’s a Wrap.

Believe it or not, it’s April, and this means we are only weeks away from one of the most important events in a mom’s life. Her child’s high school graduation.

This is an exciting time for a mom even when emotions are so high and to-do lists are so long. My best piece of advice, consult with those who’ve been through the experience first-hand for some expert advice. Having three high-school graduates, I have been in your shoes. I have co-hosted poolside dinners, attended dozens of grad parties, and coordinated with other moms to ensure that we each had a perfect theme and day. The memories that I have from the high-school graduation years are some of the best because they centered around the important relationships for both me and my children. These are the relationships that should be celebrated.

Here are 3 tips for making your graduation events fabulous.
#1. Plan for the Parties and Personalize the Experience
From Graduation Day brunches to lake parties and backyard bar-b-que’s,  the possibilities are endless. Talk to your child, select the theme and go from there. Start with the invitation, and have fun with it. If you are planning a party where two best friends are honored, find a great middle school picture of them and use it on your invitation. And, if you are hosting a party at the lake, perhaps use a summer or lake picture of the graduates. Many families celebrate the college their child will be attending and the theme of the party would revolve around that experience. Place a little college flag at each place setting representing where that graduate is going to college. It shows you care and that you have taken them time to make them feel special. Other options play off the Class of ’11 or school colors.

#2. Make it Memorable
The special little touches make all the difference. This is a special time for you, the graduate and all their friends too so take the time to make it memorable. Be prepared as the parents to deliver a toast to your graduate. Be sure to write it down and then give it to your child as a keepsake. Put together a slideshow filled to the brim with photos that all the parents can contribute to, add music for an extra-special effect. Let the kids draw names of their friends and each toast to what they’ll remember most about that person as they head off to the real-world.

With any party, you must be prepared to have fun! We love personalized koozie’s as favors, they’re a big hit for this age group. Add a fun message like, “What happens at college stays at college” to ensure it’s a hit. A party banner with Class of ’11 can be hung and signed by all guests. During toast time, provide shatterproof or foam cups for the cheers.

#3. G is for Gift.
Graduation gifts are a passion of ours at Swoozie’s. There are certain classic categories that every graduate wants (and needs) for the future. Several of these gifts include items that can be used in a dorm and during summer getaways. When a more specific gift suggestion is required for your certain situation, we are the experts. In fact, check back tomorrow for our Graduation Gift Guide 2011.

Woohoo from the Swoo!