20 Brilliant Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Deserve 50 More



1. The Sunday Tote  2. The Accessory Bag  3. The Luggage Tag
4. The Gold Glass Mason Jar    5. Moon & Lola Acrylic Necklace, SM. 1”
6. The Floppy Hat    7. The Large Cooler Bag   8.  The Beach Bag
9. The Sealife Icon Straw Clutch   10. The iPhone 4 & 5 Cover  11.  The Cooler Tote
12. The Lola Overnight Bag   13. The Monogram Sunglasses  14. The Cheshire Script Double Chain Bracelet  15. The Origami Pouch  16. The Paige Cosmetic   17. The Tortoise Monogram Bangle   18. The Poncho   19. The Island Clutch  20. The Kate Spade Pen & Notecard Set      *Add $10 for personalization

Our moms already do a bazillion things for us, so let’s do one good thing for them! (Luckily, there’s a whole day set aside for you to do just that.)  Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show you care by giving your mom a little extra sass and flair. And this time, let’s try not to borrow your gifts back. Let’s give her more than a gift she wants, but one that she really REALLY needs! Good thing we’ve made it easy—Surpriseeee.

Monogrammed Must-haves

At Swoozie’s, we monogram almost anything! Personalization = Fabulous.

Take a look at some of our top monogrammed must-haves!

1. The Beach Tote

This one is a biggie! Don’t confuse your beach bag for another look alike when on vacation with your girlfriends. You all have cute bags, but the monogramming takes your bag to a new level of “adorable!”


2. Dorm Towel

When you’re sharing a floor with 20 other girls, it’s tricky to buy cute towels. You don’t want to accidentally leave it in the shower one day and never see it again. Monogramming your towel not only makes it so much cuter, but also stamps your name on your property.


3. Tumbler

We think this is just lovely. Many of you are already SWOOing over this beauty. FACT OF LIFE: You need at least one monogrammed tumbler. If it’s not monogrammed, it’s not personal! And who wouldn’t want to put your name all over one of these?



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Summer Wedding Trends: Glam it up!

Wedding season is here! And, really…what’s better than a summer time wedding? Whether you’re having a cute little backyard bash, beach blow out, or beautiful indoor ceremony, Swoozie’s has you covered with the latest trends that are heating up Summer! Let’s start with the basics…

Hot summer colors?

Yellow! Yellow is the perfect summer time, feel-good color for bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and small detailing. The trend embodies simplicity—so give your bridesmaids some guidelines and let them wear the yellow dress of their choice. You all save on cost and get a fabulous backyard, cozy feel to your wedding. Accent the bouquets with yellow and it’s a win!

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 2.11.42 PM

Not going for the cozy feel? Mint is also rocking out the summer, but with a chicer look. The possibilities with this cool color are endless and Pinterest is your go-to for inspiration!

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 2.06.49 PM

Easy décor

Mason jars are a must-have when checking out wedding décor this summer! Use these to hold centerpieces, candles, lights, or drinks. These adorable accents are perfect for the cute, outdoor, summer time wedding. They come tall and short, so mix it up when you’re deciding on cute accent pieces. We’ve got you covered!

 Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 12.58.12 PM

The possibilities are endless!


Wishes of prosperity

Okay. So as you leave the ceremony, how will your guests see you off? People often throw rice, birdseed, rose pedals, and confetti as the bride and groom leave the ceremony. The newest trend this summer is bubble blowing.  Set up a table at the entrance with programs on one side, and bubbles on the other. Bubbles add a magical touch to your fairytale farewell!

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 2.28.57 PM

Special Treats

The trendiest summer wedding treat is the infamous push-up pop! They’re easier and less expensive than most people think. Check out Courtney Dial Whitmore’s book—it’s a great novelty to keep handy for your next big event—like when those babies start coming!



Personalization is a must—the napkins, the glasses, and the party favors! A new trend? Personalized aisles! It adds such a beautiful touch to the ceremony and you’ll be glad you did when you look back at those adorable wedding pictures in a few years. They create memories that last a lifetime!


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The Today Show Top Camp Picks!

Nothing is more exciting for our kids than a trip to summer camp! The fresh air, friends & freedom make us all a little nostalgic for getting cabin fever in a good way. Whether your kids are a fan of camping or “glamping” (camp can be glamorous you know!) – they will need their bags packed full of fun things to keep them busy while their away from home.

The Today Show featured many of their Top Picks for Camp today, featuring three of our very favorite items from Swoozie’s!

The Autograph Tye Die Pillow is great for girl bunkmates to remember their favorite new pals, while the Tye Die Fries Pillow is great for little boys to pick a fry and write a special note! Or, send them off with a pack of T-Shirt Graffiti pens and a white shirt to let their own creativity shine through!

And, don’t forget our favorite tip for Camp is personalization! It’s a Camp essential to have your name on everything to ensure your little one comes home with everything they left with!

Check out more of our favorite Camp must-haves this Summer! Click the video link above to watch the full clip from The Today Show!

Housewarming, Hostess and the Best of Personalized Gifts!

Personalization is what we’re all about at Swoozie‘s {it’s kind of our thing!}, and this week we have an entire series of personalization posts to showcase our favorite personalized gifts and occasions that call for something special!

With the launch of our new Personalization Catalog, your resource guide for personalized gifts is now at your fingertips. The personalized gift ensures the extra touch of meaning and thoughtfulness shines through, no matter who or why the gifting occasion. Here are a few of our favorite go-to gifts.

Hostess Gifts:

Personalization is perfect for hostess gifting! When you can bring your hostess something she wouldn’t ordinarily buy for herself, you’ve got a home run gift idea. Going the extra mile to personalize helps to show your gift was a thoughtful one, rather than a grab and go variety you had lying around. Always make it relevant to the occasion or to the hostess herself whenever possible.

The personalized picnic basket or mini basket makes the perfect hostess gift when you are spending a weekend at a friend’s home, especially when packing some homemade goodies inside!

Personalized koozie’s are ideal this time of year, with tailgating fresh on everyone’s mind. This is a great gift for your girlfriends that love to enjoy all the football they can this Fall!

Who doesn’t love a jar filled with tiny cookies? We love Nam’s Bits just about as much as you do! And personalization has never been more fun – design the label of your choosing to make this gift a great fit for any occasion.

Housewarming Gifts:

There is nothing quite like welcoming a friend or family member into their new home. Exciting times call for exciting celebration gifts, and what better way to make a house a home than with personalized accessories that truly bring out the essence of the homeowner?

Monogram bath soaps add the perfect touch of personalization to any powder room or guest bathroom. With wonderful scents, personalized soaps is one of those gifts that a new homeowner would adore, but something they may not purchase for themselves at that point (which makes a wonderful gift).

Personalized gift towels are great for any occasion, and perfect to have on hand as guests stop in to admire your new home. These are great to stock in a powder room, or to use at your next dinner party too.

A great start to “stocking the bar” for a new homeowner, or for someone who loves to entertain guests, a personalized tray with a family initial or name provides a function, yet fabulous gift for any home.

Stay tuned for more on the best in personalization this week! What’s the best personalized gift you’ve ever received?