Our Favorite Green Cocktails & Dazzling Drinkware for St. Patrick’s Day

When March 17 rolls around, a little Irish comes out in all of us.  On St. Patrick’s Day millions of people everywhere come together to celebrate the Irish culture by wearing the color green, taking a stab at traditional Irish dancing and drinking lots of booze. If you’re not a big fan of beer or can’t find a nearby Irish pub or parade to celebrate, we’ve got the perfect green concoctions and drinkware to help you create your own soirée and wow your friends!  In fact, our shimmering glasses may make you forget all about wearing beads. What’s the number one Swoozie’s must-have you might ask?  The green Acrylic Double Wall Glitter Tumblers of course!

1. The Shamrocker

The Shamrocker is a sophisticated yet simple tequila mixture with a delicious fruity taste. Its combination of melon and orange gives you just the right amount of flavor and fun. Garnish with a few orange slices to really prove you know what you’re doing. Simply mix in a cocktail shaker, throw in some ice and enjoy!



1 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur

1 oz. Silver Tequila

½ oz. Triple Sec

A splash of orange juice

Try It! The GoVino Cocktail Glass Set goes perfectly with the Shamrocker. Even better, these glasses are recyclable, shatterproof and come with a unique thumb notch for easy swirling and holding. Drink up!

Source: CoastalCompanion.com


 2. The Classic Mojito

The Mojito is a classic cocktail that can be served on St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year (If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already had your share of these before). Its hint of lime and mint leaves gives the perfect homage to the color green, and it is best served in any tall glass. You can also make your own simple syrup for extra bragging rights.



½ oz. lime juice

1 tsp. refined sugar

3-5 mint leaves

A splash of club soda to top off

Try It! Swoozie’s Acrylic Double Wall Glitter Tumblers will take your cocktails to a brand new level! Mojitos are traditionally served with stirring rods, so the built in straws are sure to keep your drinks tasty and fresh. The double-walled acrylic layer also helps keep the beverages cold.  While you’re at it, stock up on a few green Personalized Napkins also!

Source: Esquire.com


3. Green with Envy

If you love this cocktail’s name, you’ll love that it gives you a taste of the islands as well.  With only four simple ingredients, this drink is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and count down to your Spring Break getaway. Serve with ice cubes or combine the ingredients with ice in a blender for a little more variety. Top with pineapple, orange slices or cherries and get your hula skirt ready!



1 oz. Coconut Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur

1 oz. Pineapple Juice or Orange Juice

2 ½ oz. sweet and sour mix

Try It! Whether you prefer smaller, green Acrylic Glasses  or Jumbo Striped Acrylic Glasses, we’ve got plenty of options for you and your guests to enjoy. These multi-purpose glasses are stylish and easy to carry when socializing with friends. You can even add your own personal touch with vinyl personalization.

Source: Cosmopolitan.com



4. Irish Tea Party

Simply stated, the Irish Tea Party is the Irish version of a Long Island Iced Tea. Complete with a Southern and Irish staple, this whiskey mix brings both worlds together in one glass. Serve with Irish Tea Cake to compliment your mixology skills, and garnish with a lime wedge.


2 oz. sweetened, chilled green tea

½ oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey

½ oz. Absinthe to rinse in glass

A splash of ginger ale

Try It! Pair this drink or any treats with these Kate Spade Cocktail Napkins and Kate Spade Coasters, designed with cute, popular sayings. Both sets come with a blue pair, which actually was the initial color of choice for St. Patrick’s Day in the 17th century!

Source: cocktals.lovetoknow.com



5. Kiss Me I’m Irish Martini

Feeling lucky? The Kiss Me I’m Irish Martini is sure to be your best pick of the night. Because this drink is so simple to make, you can spend most of your time enjoying your friends and less time in the kitchen. Even better, this cocktail is low in calories!



2 ½ oz. Sparkling wine

1 oz. Midori Sour

1 oz. vodka

1 ½ oz. lemonade

Try It! Before adding the sparkling wine, use a green CHILL Pouring Spout to serve your martinis at the right temperature all night long. Insert the cooling pour spout after two hours in the freezer, and instantly enhance the drink’s flavor. You’ll want to use it for every wine night! Switch it up with personalized cups too.

Source: digthisdesign.net




Which drinks are you dying to try? Share with us! 

Personalize Your Upcoming Holiday Party

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning out how you can make your celebrations the best they have ever been! By utilizing personalized touches, you can be sure to take the title of best entertainer. Below are a few suggestions on how you can make your upcoming holiday parties a personalized success!

Personalized Wine Glasses

These Govino wine glasses are made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and aromatics much like crystal. They’re recyclable (#1), but better yet they’re reusable. Consider getting them personalized for each guest with their monogram or their first name. That way they can serve as a place holder at the table, as well as a gift to take home!


I Am Grateful For Notecards 

These little cards are a great thing for around the Thanksgiving table! Have family and friends write down what they are thankful for at the beginning of dinner, seal it up, eat dinner, pass them around and have others read them! These come in a pack of ten and include envelope.


Chalkboard Menu Board

These chalkboards are not only a great way to decorate, but to write cute messages to your guests. Decorate it with a cute welcome message or utilize them to post your menu. Either way, your family and friends will love the extra touch! (Oh, and you can even get your name or monogram lamented along the top of the board).


Personalized Placemats

These personalized paper placemats can be used for every occasion and are perfect for your dinner party, cocktail soiree, holiday event, or as a hostess gift. They’re only $1.95 each! Plus, you can choose different styles and colors to match your taste.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.32.09 PM

How do you add personalized touches to your holiday parties? We’d love to hear your ideas! Simply share them with us on Twitter (@swoozies).


Amy, from Amy’s Party Ideas, is back at it! This time, Amy is teaching you how to create the timeless coastal themed party. Her tips will not only inspire your appetite, but really inspire you to make the most out of what’s already in party toolbox. Just add a few signature themed items and make it a party! We hope you enjoy this special feature!

I grew up in Florida and we spent every weekend on the Gulf Coast on our boat.  We would cruise to a nearby island, and most weekends we would have the entire beach to ourselves as far as we could see.  It was such a beautiful place and when we had seafood, it was fresh off the local boats.   I have a tender spot in my heart for anything coastal.  So when I walked in to Swoozie’s and laid my eyes on their coastal line, I knew a party was in my future!  I hope you enjoy our Goin’ Coastal Seaside Soiree!












For our Seaside Soiree, we served a variety of seafood dishes.  We had Crab Salad in pastry shells (see recipe below), shrimp wrapped in bacon on top of arugula leaves, and homemade garlic butter with mini wheat crackers.  One of my favorite seafood restaurants on the Gulf Coast serves garlic butter with crackers as an appetizer, and I just had to make some for our gathering!  So good!

We also served a Crawfish Low Country Boil with fresh corn, potatoes and crawfish, and I wrapped sections of a French bread loaf in paper party bags & tied them with baker’s twine to round out our menu.  We paired our meal with a white wine served in these Govino plastic crystal wine glasses.

And to finish our meal with a sweet ending, I created donut hole skewers.  A friend made some for a dear friend’s baby shower last weekend and they were so yummy, I knew I had to make some for this gathering.  I added a candy crab to the top of each skewer to continue our theme.  Just melt the candy and pour into this mold.  Then place the mold in the freezer for 10 minutes.  When the candy has hardened, you can remove the crabs from the mold.  Then just take a little bit of melted candy and squeeze some on the top of your skewer and place the candy crab on top.  For best results, put the entire skewer into the refrigerator to harden the candy and secure the candy crab to the top of the skewer.  The kids really loved this detail!

I hope you are inspired by our Coastal gathering.  These ideas would be perfect for Labor Day or a celebration to end the summer and get ready for back to school!

As promised, here is the Crab Salad Recipe
(as shared by Rotricia Coley of CreateCookCapture.com)

Crab Salad Recipe (Makes 18 to 20)

Set the oven to 375 degrees and place wonton wrappers (brush with oil on both sides) in mini muffin pan and bake for 8 minutes. Let cool and store in air tight container if not using the same day.

Dressing: Juice from 2 regular size limes (or 1 large), grated zest from the lime. Add salt, pepper to taste.  If you like a little kick add a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, 2 tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil. I mix and shake mine in small mason jars in case I have extra and to save on dishes.

Salad: 1/2 lb of fresh lump crab meat, 1 finely diced celery stalk, finely diced mango (1 med size) or half a large, 2 to 3 scallions (white and green) and fresh chopped cilantro (2 tablespoons)


Fireworks Tailgate Celebration

It’s summertime and our guest blogger, Amy, from Amy’s Party Ideas, is helping you plan the best, but most simplistic parties of the summer! Amy’s goal is to empower you to be able to create these professional, custom party looks on your own. Her latest party idea is a Fireworks Tailgate Celebration—just in time for July 4th! Enjoy this special feature!

Every Fourth of July, we love to watch the fireworks!  In the past, we have fought the crowds to find a parking spot, haul all our stuff to the park, find a place to squeeze in and sit in the crowd and then wait in hours of traffic as everyone tries to leave at the same time.  But last year, we decided to tailgate at our parking spot and it was wonderful!  We parked, opened the back of the SUV, spread all the food out, and enjoyed a spectacular show!  So this year, I have partnered up with Swoozie’s to show you how you can create your own fireworks tailgate!

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from @AmysPartyIdeas | @Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July!  | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from #AmysPartyIdeas | #Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from @AmysPartyIdeas | @Swoozies

Fun Fireworks Tailgate ~ perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July! | #fourthofjuly #fireworks #tailgate party ideas from @AmysPartyIdeas | @Swoozies

When thinking about a tailgate, you want food that’s easy to transport & will be good hot or cold.  So we kept our menu simple with hot dogs served in colorful baking trays, chips served in French Fry boxes, fresh fruit served in the most charming baking cups, cupcake pushpops, mini cherry pies & cherry strudels. I added a little chocolate candy red star to the top of the cupcake pushpops for a sweet touch! We also had a great pasta salad served up in thecutest casserole container you have ever seen!  And I love IZZE drinks!  Their packaging is the perfect color for our patriotic party!

Fun favors for our guests were red striped paper favor bags filled with blue gumballs.  We added a personalized sparkler on each bag so everyone would know which one belonged to them!  So fun and easy to do!

One of my all time favorite details for this tailgate are the personalized hand held fans!  They are actually offered in a variety of patterns and would be perfect for any summer birthday party or event but I just fell in love with the stars & chevron stripe patterns.  They are very sturdy and well made and can be used year after year…well worth the investment.

Bring a couple of chairs along & small pillows to make it extra comfy.  Add some drink holders that just stake in the ground and you have a great place to relax, enjoy some good food, friends, & fireworks this holiday!

Simple Steps to Make Your Summer Party a Success!

There is no better time than the Summer for letting loose, having fun and enjoying great friends and family. Don’t let the overwhelming sensation of throwing a party prevent you from gathering with your loved ones. Below are 5 tips to hosting a summer party that will make it so easy, you will want to throw a different bash every weekend!

Plan Ahead

Before spreading the word to friends and family, strongly consider the date and time of the party you want to throw. Is it around a holiday, graduation, etc.? If so, it may be difficult for people to attend. Also, keep in mind that some people live and die around sporting events. Consider game times of all local sports teams to prevent the constant “score check.”

Pick a Theme

BBQ Party Invitation With the popular world of blogging and Pinterest, there is a flood of inspiration online. Picking the theme of your party is essentially what will set the tone of the entire event. I recommend keeping it broad so that your decorating, food, and activity options aren’t limited.

Some of my favorite themes for the summer are Backyard Barbeque, Seaside Soiree, Salsa Nights, and Garden Party.

Invite People

There is something timeless about a written or printed invitation. In today’s digital world, we have gotten caught up in emailing and “Facebooking” whenever we want to communicate with people. The true feel of the party begins before people even arrive. Make a statement to your future guests by sending each of them a personal invitation. I personally love these BBQ party invitations!

Consider DIY Options

If you are throwing a party on a budget, then you should consider DIY options. It’s actually simpler (and often more personalized) than most people think. Just grab a few essentials that can make a statement and work around them. Amy’s Party Ideas always has a tone of cute DIY party theme ideas and takes the time to tell you how she did each of them.

The most important items you will need: plates, cups, and napkins. These are cost effective and can make a huge statement!


Photo Booth Consider having a couple of activities for your guests so that when they aren’t eating, there is always something to keep them occupied. Maybe it’s a beer tasting station, or a game of croquet in the backyard. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the activities make sense with the theme of your party.

For example, if you are throwing a “Salsa Nights” party, consider setting up a DIY mustache photo booth. People will love taking hilarious photos of themselves – not to mention will have a keepsake to remind them of how awesome your party was!

But most importantly, relax and have fun with your guests! Your company is, by far, more important than whether or not the finger foods you provided were hot and fresh out of the over!

Hosting a Confetti Inspired Celebration

We love hosting a fabulous party! Which is exactly why we are SWOOing over Amy Croushorn, from Amy’s Party Ideas. With so many fabulous themed party ideas, Amy is a professional at sharing ideas and  empowering women to create their own special memories for all of life’s celebrations–in a way that will look professional and custom made.

Recently, Amy stopped by our store and was so inspired that she put together a Swoozerific occasion. Check out some of Amy’s simple and festive tips for throwing a confetti-inspired celebration!


Choose your color scheme and keep it in mind when you are selecting your party décor, favors, & food.  In honor of Swoozie’s 12th Birthday, our color scheme was pink and orange with touches of gold.


Fresh flowers in pink make the perfect centerpiece.  I kept the flowers low and added gold sparkler letter candles to spell out Swoozie’s.  This same idea would be perfect for any sentiment or for the name of your guest of honor.


I took a store bought coconut cake and added a fresh layer of shredded coconut and some confetti sprinkles for a more festive touch.  Two orange striped straws were used to create a cake garland.  I took twine & pink sequined tulle to make a little pom garland.


I served pink Moscato wine in pink polka dot wine glasses and used Kate Spade’s Confetti Cards to create my placecards.


Add some fun favors with the Surprise Cornucopias, Sparklers, & Poof Balls to carry the theme all the way through.  And don’t forget to sprinkle your table with confetti to get everyone ready to party!

Making Valentine’s Day Special For Everyone

Swoozie’s adores the season of love! Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and we’re pleased to share some tips to help make your Valentine’s Day special for all the loves in your life.

Treasure Hunt for the Swooz-a-roos

img-1We love all of our little ones – and our little ones LOVE Valentine’s Day! Make the day extra special for your children by planning a treasure hunt. Hide clues around your home, leading from one location to the next. But instead of simply finding a clue at each location, leave a piece of Valentine’s Day candy for your children to collect with each clue. At the end of the treasure hunt, leave a lovable Cordy stuffed animal waiting for each kid as the final prize!

The Classmates 

Children LOVE celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. From making their Valentine’s mailbox for their desk, to handing out goodies and cards to their classmates, to making Valentine’s cards for their family members, it is a special day of hearts and fun! This year, send your children to school with fabulous, personalized cards. Designed by our Swoozie’s team, and only $1 each, there are perfect options for your little boys or girls.


The Teachers

img-2Don’t forget about your teachers! They spend all day teaching, loving, and caring for our children, so they deserve to be shown some love as well! One of our favorite gifts for the teachers is this delicious Jar of Cookies or a loving sign to hang on the classroom wall.

Teachers do so much for us, and they always appreciate when a parent and child go out of their way to show their recognition for their hard work.

Your Best Friend

img-3Your best friend is there for you for everything. You laugh, you shop, you gossip, you care for each other. So when Valentine’s Day comes around, there is no better day to show her how much you love her than with a sweet, funny gift. These Valentine’s Day signs are our favorite gift for the best friend. Whether she’s the bacon to your eggs or the sprinkles on your ice cream, these signs are sure to bring a giggle or two.

Your Husband

img-4Of course you want to plan a special day for the man you love the most! Adorn your table with candles, get dressed up, and start the night with a wine and cheese platter. This Slate Serving Tray is perfect for serving cheese. Write the name of each type you’re sampling as well as a sweet message for your man. After your appetizer at home, continue out for your dinner reservations or instead, plan a special dinner to cook at home. Choose a special menu of something you wouldn’t normally cook yourself – such as steak or lobster. He’ll certainly be impressed!

Do you have any special ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear them!

Click here to browse Swoozie’s Valentine’s Day Book.