Top 21 Gifts of the Season

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and that means that it’s time for the holidays! Have you made your shopping list yet? While your friends and family top your list, there are other important people in your life who deserve a thoughtful gift this holiday season as well.  Here at Swoozie’s, we LOVE helping you find the perfect gift for each person on your list. Below is the top 21 gifts of the season. With a list like this, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list (and maybe a thing or two for yourself)!

1. GoVino Cocktail Glass Set

Govino is made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a cocktail’s color and aromatics much like crystal. It is recyclable (#1), but better yet it is reusable.


2. Scout Pleasure Chest

This fun cooler is great for toting around your favorite things and drinks!

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.46.03 AM

3. CHILL Pouring Spout 

Keep the party going with this built-in, drip free pour spout. The CHILL lets you cool while you pour.

Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL.  Just pour the first glass, insert the cooling pour spout and enjoy perfectly chilled wine!  After just two hours in the freezer, your CHILL is ready to do the hard work for you.

the host copy

4. Scout Wine Tote

Stylish tote for your favorite wine, bubbly, or spirit! Made collapsible for easy handling and storage.

Scout Wine Tote

5. Whiskey Rocks 

Soapstone Rocks can be used as Whiskey Rocks, Wine Stones, or Coffee Stones. Sustain the temperature of your drink without watering it down.

Whiskey Rocks

6. Dammit Doll

For those days when nothing goes right and you just want to hit the wall, take solace in a Dammit Doll – a friend you can slam, whack, pull and squeeze while yelling your favorite obscenities.


7. Loopdedoo

Imagine, dream, and then create your masterpiece in minutes. Bracelets, belts, zipper pulls, key chains, anything is possible with the incredible Loopdedoo Kit – Spinning Loom


8. Bamboo Cutting Board 

This simple cutting board gets Swoozie’s style with laser engraved personalization! Choose from over 20 designs, one of which is sure to catch your eye. Can be personalized in the center or in the lower right corner, your choice.


9. The Brew2Go

Meet your newest drinking buddy! This tumbler, with a close-able lid,  holds 16oz of beer, prevents spills, condensation and keeps the bugs out. This beer tumbler is sure to make your outdoor (and indoor) beer drinking fun, easy and safe.


10. Red Cup Living

This collection takes the red solo cup to a new level! Washable and reusable, the collection includes coffee must, wine glasses, shot glasses, margarita glasses, and more! Yep, no snobs allowed.


11. The Deano

The must-have everyday carry-all is also the classic tote ideal for travel and the beach. The durable poly is water resistant, easily wipes clean, and shakes free of sand.


12. Family Frame 

This adorable family frame reads “Family The ones you live with, laugh with, and love.”

Family Picture Frame

13. Individually Yours Mug

Individually boxed, these oversized porcelein mugs make an ideal gift for every day of the year.


14. Jumbo Wine Glass

This double wall wine acrylic tumbler is perfect for keeping any beverage cold and makes a great gift for all your girlfriends!

Tumbler Wine Glass

15. Phone Dock

Walk down memory lane with phone dock or give to the tech obsessed that has everything!

Phone Dock

16. Cake/Cupcake Stands 

A sturdy cake stand for any and everyday, this melamine cake stand will proudly serve your tastiest treats. Large enough for a dozen cupcakes or a very big cake! (Comes in a variety of colors)

Cake Stand

17. Trinket Tray

Pick a single initial or buy several to spell a word! Each letter features a different type and color. Porcelain plate is dishwasher and food safe so it’s easy to clean and use for any occasion.

Love trinket tray

18. Humorous Cocktail Napkins

So many hilarious options, you will have a hard time finding which one you like best. You may just end up getting a pack for all of your friends. Great for stocking stuffers, these napkins will literally make you LOL.

Cocktail Napkin

19. Marty Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is adorable and makes a great addition to any gift!

Bottle Opener

20. Nam’s Bits

These homemade cookies are loaded with love. For 30 years, Nammy made delicious bits for eleven grandchildren for birthdays, holidays or just because. A lot of love has been spread throughout the family with Nam’s treasures. We think every family deserves a Nam, or at least her bits!


21. Pillow Case 

Perfect for dog lovers! Need we say more?

Sleeps with Dogs Pillowcase

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