Swoozie’s is Supporting Women Affected by Breast Cancer

Throughout the year, we are extremely thankful for the community and are considerate of our responsibility to our associates and our customers. This month in particular, we reflect on the women who bring life to our organization and into our stores.

Below is the story of one of our own ladies, Bethany, as told by herself. Bethany lost her mother to breast cancer, and it is because of women like this that we support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Swoozie's PinkPass“Losing my mom and main source of comfort at such a young age has definitely taught me to appreciate my family much more. It’s a constant reminder to tell people how important they are to me because I never really know how much time I have left with them. For the longest time, whenever I would think about my mom and the pain she went through or how much I miss her, I would get an ache in my chest… but that doesn’t last long once I remember the type of woman that she was and how hard she fought and how courageous she was. She is definitely an everyday motivation to be the best person that I can be. 

Being an informed woman is necessary for supporting breast cancer awareness. It’s important that women know how to check themselves with self-examinations and know how/where to go get tested if they have a family history with breast cancer.  Spreading awareness and information like this can help save lives. Not only educating others with facts about breast cancer, but raising funds for research,  scholarships and donations towards hospitals is also an important part of breast cancer awareness.  
I absolutely love that Swoozie’s is so involved and dedicated in raising money for breast cancer research and awareness. Women helping and empowering one another is the best way to spread information and I’m lucky I can do so where I work.”

Not everyone is fortunate to survive.  Bethany did not deserve to lose her mother at such a young age. That is why we are supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for the sixth year in a row.

Because of you, our customer base defined by caring, wonderful women, our combined contribution to this effort will be significant and will truly make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Participating is easy. Simply purchase our PinkPASS on-line, or in stores, for $20 and you’ll receive 20% off with that pass on purchases through November 1st. Each individual $20 commitment will contribute to a substantial coordinated effort.

2 thoughts on “Swoozie’s is Supporting Women Affected by Breast Cancer

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, dear Bethany. Our loved ones we lost yesterday, we remember in our hearts today. The courage our loved ones displayed even while they were in pain, strengthens us in our silent grief. Stay strong and keep smiling while we await the day when there is no more cancer. Aunt Nancy

  2. I am so proud of Bethany and her genuine concern for and appreciation of others, especially anyone who may be facing a dreaded and deadly disease. Since being a young girl, Bethany has promoted breast health awareness and encouraged the promotion of early detection. It is my prayer that the investment in breast cancer, will yield a cure in Bethany’s lifetime so no other young child loses a parent or other loved one to breast cancer.

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