Swoozie’s Supports Women Like You

Throughout the year, we are extremely thankful for the community and are considerate of our responsibility to our associates and our customers. This month in particular, we reflect on the women who bring life to our organization and into our stores.

Below is the story of one of our customers, Mary Kate Walton, as told by herself. It is because of strong women, like Mary Kate, that we support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“It’s almost Christmas and my days were filled with shopping and hustle. – Why is this bra so uncomfortable? 

Swoozie's Pink Pass Very annoying.  I love Wacoal bras. It’s probably worn out. A new one will feel great. 

So, I bought two new ones and was sure they would stop the uncomfortable feeling on the left.  January came – the new bras were still annoying.

I’m normally an optimist– glass half full sort of person.  It never occurred to me that cancer had chosen me.  Me- a mid 50 year old wife- mother-gramie- employee with a job I love.  I am prompt with my mammogram and yearly GYN appointment calling to make sure it had been 1 year since the last mammogram,  I know the mammogram tech.  I saw her face.  I knew she saw something.  Professional to the end– she said nothing– but I knew.

I was sent to the surgeon.  He felt something and decided to just remove the lump and send it to Pathology.  Pathology tells the story.  My cancer story has begun.  Tears, fear, but determination to see my granddaughter and new grandson grow up propelled me to gather information, get 2nd opinions. Eventually, I decided to lose breast tissue and have my breasts rebuilt with some of the fat from my stomach. I lost breast tissue, but I reclaimed my life.

If you feel something don’t wait for the 1 year mark because of insurance worries.  It’s always OK if something is annoying.  Don’t wait from November to January like I did.  Months matter. Mammograms and Ultra Sounds work.

I was lucky. I had great family and medical support.

Remission is possible. Be aggressive with your decisions.

Cancer doesn’t play games.”

Not everyone is fortunate to survive, like Mary Kate. That is why we are supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for the sixth year in a row.

Because of you, our customer base defined by caring, wonderful women, our combined contribution to this effort will be significant and will truly make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Participating is easy. Simply purchase our PinkPASS on-line, or in stores, for $20 and you’ll receive 20% off with that pass on purchases through November 1st. Each individual $20 commitment will contribute to a substantial coordinated effort.

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