Swoozie’s Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Throughout the year, we are extremely thankful for and considerate of the community and our responsibility to our associates and our customers. This month in particular, we reflect on the women who bring life to our organization and into our stores. This year, we are once again partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

tyingpinkbowsIn fact, we are going PINK for the rest of October. We have traded in our orange O, and we are making our presence completely pink in honor of the women who we have lost, the survivors and the friends and family of women who have been affected. We are dedicating this month to breast cancer awareness, research and the cure. All of our ladies – associates, customers, vendors, friends and family – are our motivation. We dedicate this month to you.

We strongly believe in the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and our partnership. Because of you, our customer base defined by caring, wonderful women, our combined contribution to this effort will be significant and will truly make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Participating is easy. Simply purchase our PinkPASS on-line or in stores for $20 starting today, and you’ll receive 20% off with that pass on purchases through November 1st. Each individual $20 commitment will contribute to a substantial coordinated effort.

This fall, we are also focused on the upcoming holiday season. In our countdown – we are 22 days from Halloween, 50 days from Thanksgiving and 77 days from Christmas. This is the perfect time to stock up on fall and holiday gifts with your PinkPASS.

We hope you will join us in our goal to contribute to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And, when you do, we ask that you tell us who you are purchasing the PinkPASS in honor of. We are building a ‘Pink Confetti Wall’ to celebrate these ladies.

I would personally like to thank you in advance (if you decide to participate) for your contribution. It is not only a corporate initiative of ours, but it also holds a great deal of personal meaning.

This month, we’re throwing pink confetti and tying pink bows!

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