Celebrating Merger with Beau-coup

Around here we have a lot to celebrate! Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, or “just because” parties, we are constantly enjoying life’s monumental moments.

Today we would like to announce some fabulous news that has us tossing confetti  in all of our stores! Swoozie’s has officially merged with Beau-coup , a California-based premium online retailer of party favors, supplies, decorations, and special occasion gifts.

Swoozies and beau-coup The new combined company will maintain the brand names of Swoozie’s and Beau-coup, as well as retaining all staff. Thomas Cole, the CEO of Beau-coup since 2009, and Kelly Plank-Dworkin, co-founder and president of Swoozie’s since its launch in 1999, will serve as co-CEOs of the new combined company.

We really feel that Swoozie’s and Beau-coup are a natural fit for each other. Both companies have been successful in filling a retail niche for specialized products related to special occasions and entertaining.

So what exactly does that mean for Swoozie’s?

We plan on using the opportunity to accelerate our aggressive growth plans. We will continue to focus on store expansion while adding Beau-coup branded personalized gifts, decorations, and special occasion party favors.

Yes, the news has all of us pretty excited! What a fabulous opportunity for Swoozie’s!

While we expand, new store locations have yet to be determined. So, what do you think? Should we open a store in your city?

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Merger with Beau-coup

  1. Yes! Now that we’re ‘related’, I think we should get a store out here in California (Mountain View? Palo Alto?). Congrats! We’re looking forward to growing both brands together, and serving our wonderful communities for a long long time!

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