Back to Campus with Lilly Pulitzer 2013

Now that everyone is heading back to school and getting settled in, campus queen Katie Rudder of the blog Let’s Be Preppy, shares with us some of her favorite Lilly Pulitzer items that she can’t live without when she is hitting the books.

Lilly Pulitzer

Jumbo Agenda: Love this Jumbo agenda! This is the one I have myself, and I’ve already input game days, Homecoming, and more. The added space is great for assignments, meetings, club, chapter, and weekend getaways!

Ear Buds with Pouch: These ear buds are perfect for those extended stays in the library. UGH! Who likes those? No one! Even if you’re singin’ the blues, your ears won’t be admitting it!

USB Flash Drive Key Chain: Especially the higher you get in school, the more group projects and presentations you do. USB flash drives are a great alternative when you don’t want to drag your computer to class with you! Pop your presentation on this good lookin’ keychain, and you’re ALL SET!

Lunch Tote: My friends made fun of me when they saw me toting my lunch or snacks around. When you’re on campus for awhile, you want your snacks to stay crisp and fresh. This lunch sack is ideal for making sure your lunch is well dressed too! Goodbye brown bag, hello prints!

Tumbler: I’m addicted to a little caffeine jolt in the early morning. These tumblers ensure I can bring my drink to class, and all while not spilling it thanks to the straw!


Special guest Katie Rudder of popular-preppy blog,Let’s Be Preppy. Katie is a senior Marketing major at the University of South Carolina and is one of our Swoozie’s Sweethearts. She also works part-time at a Lilly Pulitzer store in South Carolina. Be sure to send her a sweet tweet at @letsbepreppy!



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