Fabulous Mason Jar Ideas

Mason jars are a Swoozie’s favorite. From our redneck wine glasses to our personalized Mason jar sets, there’s so much to love about these adorable jars! Keep reading for ideas on how to utilize the southern fad during the upcoming entertainment season.

Mason Jar Candles

Get creative with these and cover the outside of the jar with lace, twine, or burlap. Fill the jar up with some water and fashion your very own floating candle! We also love filling the bottom of the jar with some themed goodies for a tea candle to sit on.  It adds some extra magic to any party.




Mason Jar Glasses

Go all out for these! Use some cute paper straws and add some fruit for color. These make the cutest party drinks and are perfect for entertaining.


Mason Jar Vases

We LOVE this one! Consider painting the outside of the jars for some extra color—it adds some great interest and the colors can be chosen to coordinate with the seasons.




Sweet treats: Mason Jar recipes

There are lots of jar recipes available online if you’re entertaining, but we think this idea is great for any dessert! Think ice cream, root beer floats, etc. Dress the jars up with some twine or ribbons and attach a spoon to each one. It doesn’t get much cuter than this!




Happy entertaining!

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