Monogrammed Must-haves

At Swoozie’s, we monogram almost anything! Personalization = Fabulous.

Take a look at some of our top monogrammed must-haves!

1. The Beach Tote

This one is a biggie! Don’t confuse your beach bag for another look alike when on vacation with your girlfriends. You all have cute bags, but the monogramming takes your bag to a new level of “adorable!”


2. Dorm Towel

When you’re sharing a floor with 20 other girls, it’s tricky to buy cute towels. You don’t want to accidentally leave it in the shower one day and never see it again. Monogramming your towel not only makes it so much cuter, but also stamps your name on your property.


3. Tumbler

We think this is just lovely. Many of you are already SWOOing over this beauty. FACT OF LIFE: You need at least one monogrammed tumbler. If it’s not monogrammed, it’s not personal! And who wouldn’t want to put your name all over one of these?



Click here for all our monogrammed best sellers. Happy monogramming!

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