Lilly Inspires Style

With color and design at the forefront of the Lilly Pulitzer brand, the release of her new prints is always a cause for celebration at Swoozie’s. Her patterns are always perfect and the colors are just SO Swoozie’s!

Fall patterns are here, and everyone is just eating them up (aren’t they delicious?). We’ve included the inspiration behind three of our favorite fall patterns, pulled straight from Lilly’s blog!

Tusk in Sun

“After taking a “Lilly in Bloom” inspiration trip to the beautiful Longwood Gardens, I fell in love with their whimsical animal topiaries- including an adorable elephant we all spotted! Of course the print team ADORES elephants and the fact that they bring good luck so we just had to include some elephants in our garden game prints for Fall.”


Let’s Cha Cha

“This print was made for dancing! While snorkeling in Hawaii, our Print Designers discovered an underwater world full of vibrant coral and vivid sea life, dancing underneath the ocean’s warm waters. They brought this secret under–the–sea party to life in Let’s Cha Cha, a print that will inspire beach bashes to spontaneously break out. Everyone will be doing the cha-cha and jumping into the ocean. Cha-cha-CHA!”


Lucky Charms

“Luck, be a lady! Rebecca, one of our favorite print designers, was inspired by the colorful pink, white and blue floral arrangements she spotted at a friend’s house-warming party. While painting, she hid little good luck treats among the beautiful blooms to ensure you’ll have the best of luck when wearing this print.”

Insulated Beverage Bucket LC

Find all of Lilly’s new fall patterns and fabulous items here!

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