Simple Steps to Make Your Summer Party a Success!

There is no better time than the Summer for letting loose, having fun and enjoying great friends and family. Don’t let the overwhelming sensation of throwing a party prevent you from gathering with your loved ones. Below are 5 tips to hosting a summer party that will make it so easy, you will want to throw a different bash every weekend!

Plan Ahead

Before spreading the word to friends and family, strongly consider the date and time of the party you want to throw. Is it around a holiday, graduation, etc.? If so, it may be difficult for people to attend. Also, keep in mind that some people live and die around sporting events. Consider game times of all local sports teams to prevent the constant “score check.”

Pick a Theme

BBQ Party Invitation With the popular world of blogging and Pinterest, there is a flood of inspiration online. Picking the theme of your party is essentially what will set the tone of the entire event. I recommend keeping it broad so that your decorating, food, and activity options aren’t limited.

Some of my favorite themes for the summer are Backyard Barbeque, Seaside Soiree, Salsa Nights, and Garden Party.

Invite People

There is something timeless about a written or printed invitation. In today’s digital world, we have gotten caught up in emailing and “Facebooking” whenever we want to communicate with people. The true feel of the party begins before people even arrive. Make a statement to your future guests by sending each of them a personal invitation. I personally love these BBQ party invitations!

Consider DIY Options

If you are throwing a party on a budget, then you should consider DIY options. It’s actually simpler (and often more personalized) than most people think. Just grab a few essentials that can make a statement and work around them. Amy’s Party Ideas always has a tone of cute DIY party theme ideas and takes the time to tell you how she did each of them.

The most important items you will need: plates, cups, and napkins. These are cost effective and can make a huge statement!


Photo Booth Consider having a couple of activities for your guests so that when they aren’t eating, there is always something to keep them occupied. Maybe it’s a beer tasting station, or a game of croquet in the backyard. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the activities make sense with the theme of your party.

For example, if you are throwing a “Salsa Nights” party, consider setting up a DIY mustache photo booth. People will love taking hilarious photos of themselves – not to mention will have a keepsake to remind them of how awesome your party was!

But most importantly, relax and have fun with your guests! Your company is, by far, more important than whether or not the finger foods you provided were hot and fresh out of the over!

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