Swoozie’s Top Teacher Gifts

There’s no denying it – teachers are AMAZING. They fill our children’s minds with knowledge; they care for our little ones; they’re inspirational. It makes us SO happy when kids come in to Swoozie’s to pick out gifts for their teachers. They’re always so eager to pick out something special! We just love their excitement.

Recently, we asked some of our teacher friends to share with us their favorite gifts. Here are a couple of their top-picks!

Vanessa’s Picks:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This fabulous blue and orange tote is a must have for summer. Great for the beach, at the market or on the train. Just add magazines and sunblock for a great personalized gift. Also, teachers are always looks for a great way to look fashionable AND professional. This scarf is just the trick for a cute spring balance!

Angela’s Picks:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Early mornings and a classroom filled with children is the perfect reason to drink coffee. So, why not give a teacher a cute thermal mug for them to sip from? Oh, and who doesn’t love a yummy treat to enjoy throughout the day? These cookies will be just the tasty delight they were hoping for!

Missy’s Picks:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We can guarantee you that most teachers have never seen something like this double decker lunchbox! With two compartments, they’ll be amazed at its functional design! Also, with summer approaching soon, you can be sure that almost all teachers will be laying by the pool.  Get them one of these adorable towel lounge covers for them to slip over the back of their chair. All they will need to do is  apply sunscreen and order a beverage!

Laurie’s Picks:

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Say goodbye to water rings on the desk with this oh-so-cute Vera Bradley tumbler! Oh, and this box is a beauty all its own, but the coordinating pad and pen are the icing on the cake. Perfect for jotting down notes during class or writing internal correspondence.

Maria’s Picks:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Every woman needs a cosmetic case, which makes it the perfect teacher appreciation gift! Also, help your favorite teacher enter summer in style with this adorable nautical clutch.

Hopefully this gives you some great gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week! What gift will you be getting for your teachers this year?

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