A House Divided is Now a House United!

Our guest blogger, April Voris, recently threw her sister a couples shower. With the fear of throwing a cliche’ party, she turned to a theme that most in the south can relate to: College Football! Check out how April turned a house divided into a house united in her most recent guest post.

While the actual wedding is the fireworks to the fourth of July, all the parties leading up to it is part of the magic that makes this time fun!

My sister, Elizabeth, didn’t want the ordinary stuffy shower where we sip tea and eat pettifores with all the ladies.  She wanted something fun, and that would involve her fiancé, Alex and all their friends and family.

So the sisters got together and planned a party, that happened to be a couples shower.

The most important part is to find a theme that resonated with both Elizabeth and Alex.  Well, that part was easy, they do live in Alabama and the one thing that everyone in Alabama loves to rival over is football.  And it so happens that the happy couple sits on opposites sides of the football field.

It was important that we equally represented Alabama and Auburn (as hard as that was for me, the die-hard Alabama fan that I am). We wanted everyone in attendance to have fun with the theme as well.

So everything was equal parts red and orange.  We had a lot of fun playing the two sides though Team Elizabeth and Team Alex.

There is no shortage of really great serving dishes in the collegiate collections and we opted to stay with the tailgate idea and match the food with the things you love about tailgating in the fall.

We encouraged everyone to come dressed in their team colors so that all were involved in pulling off the theme.  And in true tailgate fashion all the attendees got shakers to playfully shout Roll Tide and War Eagle!

Check out some of the pictures I took from the event. The inspiration may have you shouting your Alma Mater chant at the next shower you attend!


screen-shot-2012-09-17-at-1-39-10-pmGUEST BLOGGER: April is a mom of two to Ava and Aiden. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama and is a member of the Atlanta Tri Delta Alumnae Association. April is also active in the Atlanta non-profit community and sits on several boards including CURE Childhood Cancer.  On top of that she is also a business owner.  Be sure to give her a tweet at @aprilvoris.

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