Behind the Design of show clips Los Angeles trend meets southern charm in Swoozie’s latest partnership with Offering a ton of cheerful, modern, and sparkly accessories, designs each of their pieces to say “hey, you there, check me out, I’m cool.”

Recently, we sat down with founder Jen Gotch to learn more. As a huge fan and carrier of we think it is important for all of us to get to know the person behind the brand, as her spirit is truly reflected through her design.

How/ why did you get started? was a total happy accident.  My friend Jamie and I had been styling a photo shoot and had made a ton of floral hair garlands. Somehow, the idea seeped into both of us, because within a couple of weeks were were making them for ourselves and then within a month or two we decided to create and sell the head pieces in an online shop.

What inspires your work?

I am lucky to live in a very inspiring city – Los Angeles –  so just being out and about can fill me up with inspiration. That being said, when I’m really on the hunt, I will either go to the local swap meet or spend hours on the computer just feeding my brain with imagery.

What makes unique?

We have always done what feels right to us. It is rare that we deliberately follow a trend. We are individuals and because the brand is such a personal extension of myself and the other gals that work here,  I think there is no way that it wouldn’t be unique in some way or another.

Tell us about what’s ahead for!

Lots of sparkle (always!), floral headbands, tons of new iPhone cases, NEON and possibly a kitty cat tote!

Jen Gotch

Photo Credit: Bonnie Tsang

Get to know Jen…

My favorite color is: Pink. I hate to be so obvious. Yellow is a close second, but pink will be my favorite.  Always has been.

My favorite occasion to celebrate is: My half birthday.  It’s something I’m trying to get more people interested in celebrating (their own half b-day, not mine . . . although they could totally celebrate mine, too).

The best gift I ever received was: Soon after my husband and I first met he bought me a knife. Now this sounds strange, but the reason he bought it is what makes this so amazing. He wanted us to carve our initials and a heart into the tree outside my house, which we did.

A party is not complete without: Confetti (and

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