Spring Items That YOU Are SWOOing Over

Our countdown to Spring has already begun and we are gearing up with some of our favorite designers to ensure that the upcoming season is fabulous! Over the past couple of weeks we have been sharing with you what we are SWOOing about, including top products, trends, and designers. However, SWOOing shouldn’t end there.

Last week we asked our fans on Facebook, “What are YOU SWOOing over this Spring?” and was overwhelmed by the number of responses we received. It’s incredibly important to us, at Swoozie’s, that we are constantly aware of what our customers love and we always appreciate it when they take the time to give us feedback. So, as a thank you, we gave everyone who commented on the post the exact item they mentioned!

Check out some of the top picks that YOU said you absolutely love!


1. Filgree Monogram: This is definitely one of the hottest trends in 2013. The lucky winner of this necklace wanted to wear it during her wedding reception with her new initials. How precious!

2. Wooden Sign: “I love you to the moon and back” is such a great way to remind yourself every day of the special relationships in your life. Whether you put it on display in your own bedroom, or hang it above a child’s bed, this sign is sure to convey the message!

3. Personalized Phone Case: You are carrying your cell phone with you every day, so why not personalize it? Take the time to express your own style – which is so much cuter than the boring black or white option.

4. Box Bottle Wine Holder: What a wonderful hostess gift! Add a little bit of humor to your next ladies night with this wine bottle holder. You might love it so much that you’ll buy two!

5. Lilly Pulitzer Wine Tote: Lilly has released some great prints for Spring. Whether you love sea shells, flowers, or sail boats, you are sure to adore at least one of the prints. This wine tote is such a great way to ensure that your wine gets to your destination safely, and stylishly!

6. Weekender Bag: Planning a trip for this Spring? Need an excuse to get away? This personalized bag will ensure that nobody mistakes your luggage for their own. With this you’ll be able to bring everything you need, while also staying organized!

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