The Kids’ Table

I remember sitting at the kids’ table when I was growing up and wishing that one day I would be able to sit at the big table.  But now that I am an adult I realize that the kids’ table is a pretty cool place and I should not have wished it away so soon.  I want to make sure that my kids and our guests’ children feel special this Thanksgiving, so I ‘kid’ up their table!

A few things I go by:
1. The decor does not need to be the same as the big table.
2. Make sure to have fun Thanksgiving themed decor, as it gives an opportunity to tell the story of why we have Thanksgiving in the first place.
3. Kids eat way faster than adults, so make sure to have some fun stuff to do.

I decided to made the kids’ table fun with pilgrims and indians – so I needed props to tell the Thanksgiving story.  I got these great plates at Swoozie’s that go with the whole theme.  The straws were a big hit and I have even started including these at the big table by the request of adult family members!

I picked up these really fun turkey headbands at Swoozie’s for the kids to wear. They get a real kick out of gobbling around the house as we prepared for the feast.

Each Thanksgiving, I enjoy playing a fun game with the kids, such as “Gobble, Gobble, Turkey” (Duck, Duck, Goose). I got this great jar of mini cookies from Swoozie‘s as the prize for the winner. The kids just love them!

I also set up a fun Thanksgiving table turkey project for the kids.  All that you need is crayons, brown paper (which I used as the table cloth for the kids’ table), glue sticks, a pair of scissors and construction paper.  I went ahead and cut out feathers from the construction paper the night before, but depending on the age of the kids, you can also let them do this.

Here are the steps in making Thanksgiving table turkeys:
1.  Trace the child’s hand on the brown paper.
2.  Encourage the kids to color the construction paper feathers.
3.  Use the glue stick and glue the feathers on the 4 fingers that were drawn.
4.  Finish up by drawing a turkey face on the thumb and adding legs.
5.  I always have the kids write their name and year so I can keep track of the years of turkeys.  These are great to cut-out and keep or simply take photos to watch the changes in the turkeys year after year!

So this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to have a little fun with the kids’ table. Who knows, you may even create some kids’ table envy among your grown-up guests!


GUEST BLOGGER: April is a mom of two to Ava and Aiden. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama and is a member of the Tri Delta Alumnae Association. April is also active in the Atlanta non-profit community and is a business owner. Be sure to give her a tweet at @aprilvoris.

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