Politics? Let’s Get this Party Started!

With Election Day fast approaching, the Democratic and Republican parties agree – it’s time to party! You’ve listened to the debates, researched the candidates and now it’s nearly time to vote. Gather your friends and host an Election Day Political Party!

For a party filled with pomp & circumstance, here are a few tips for keeping it festive and politically-inspired!

Stick with a red, white & blue theme to keep it all-American. Add in flag-inspired elements like stars & stripes, or I used a tiny “Liberty” bell. Piles of red & blue books help add some height to the tablescape. In keeping with the American roots, a rustic wooden platter and silver touches also help to ring in the evening.

Keep the menu simple and all-American as well – chicken, veggies, roasted potatoes and apple pie – all in manageable portions. I used red & white muffin cups to have bite-sized nibbles of popcorn & peanuts so guests can mingle and check the TV throughout the evening. Mason jars filled with gumballs also help to add a touch of whimsy to the party. And, my “political punch” adds a burst of red!

The political items are so much fun to keep the spirit of the evening alive. Vote Obama and Vote Romney cups and napkins and D, R & Vote flags allow guests to keep the mood fun & light while cheering on their favorite candidate. The fabulous donkey & elephant ceramic plates add a nice touch to the classic display.

Are you hosting an Election Day party?


Ashley is a blogger who loves to celebrate the traditions of the past and loves to entertain! She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, nearly 1-year-old son and dog. Give her a tweet at @ashleyschoenith.

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