The Pre-Halloween Celebration

I am a mom in my 30s with two kids, so going to crazy Halloween parties and dressing up to the nines in costume is a thing of the past. And that is perfectly fine by me. Now just because most of Halloween is really for the kids it does not mean that we can’t have some fun too. Plan a pre-Halloween celebration!

I live in a very social neighborhood and we go all-out at Halloween, but even if you don’t, you can still be the party hostess you love to be and invite your best pals and their kids over to your house.

The front yard is the new back yard so think of it as your palette for the party. Especially one of this nature. I invited all my neighborhood friends over an hour or so before we were all planning to scour the neighborhood for trick or treating with our kids.

I provided some festive treats that were really easy to make. I made everything but the cupcakes in about an hour (thanks to my pal Cecelia who makes to-die-for cupcakes). You can also purchase cupcakes from your favorite bakery to save on time.

The menu:
-Pumpkin Dip
-Monster pudding cups
-Pumpkin cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and a maple glaze
-Apple Cider Sangria

The Monster pudding cups were for the kiddos and they were a big hit!  They’re super easy to make – vanilla pudding (I used sugar free since they will get plenty of sugar in the candy later), green food coloring and crumbled Halloween Oreos. Draw a monster face on the plastic cup with a sharpie and you are done!

Next to the pumpkin dip – canned pumpkin, whip cream, vanilla pudding and pumpkin pie spice.  To really add to the mood I got a small pumpkin and hollowed it out and put the dip in. I served it with cinnamon graham crackers but it is also great with apples. Click here for the recipe. It is one of my Pinterest finds!

Now to add the ‘adult’ to the festivities I made the Apple Cider Sangria. It is great for fall and a light twist on an ordinary drink.  Apple cider, fresh apples and pears, pinot grigio, soda water and brandy. I am all about a signature drink. It really adds to the atmosphere of the party. And this recipe came from a fun blogger and then I pinned it so I could find it later.  Don’t you just love that about Pinterest!  Click here to get the recipe.

I set a table on my front porch with all the food and drinks for easy access and the party flows nicely into the yard where friends can catch up and the kids could play.

I also could not resist getting all my mom friends these awesome Halloween headbands and sunglasses from Swoozie’s. They just loved them and it gave us all a fun way to “dress up!”

When we were ready to set out into the neighborhood I placed the food and drinks inside, the big candy bowl on the porch and started at my house. I gave all the kids a big handful of candy (in their super cute Swoozie’s treat bags!)

So eat, drink and best of all, have great company with friends and your kids while having a little Halloween fun, mom-style, along the way.

GUEST BLOGGER: April is a mom of two to Ava and Aiden. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama and is a member of the Tri Delta Alumnae Association. April is also active in the Atlanta non-profit community and is a business owner. Be sure to give her a tweet at @aprilvoris.

Images via Cecilia Andrews Photography

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