Introducing SouthernLeague Magazine!

Exciting things are always just around the corner, and you don’t have to go too far to find a fabulous new page-turner as we celebrate the launch of SouthernLeague Magazine!

Founder and editor, Christie Leigh Mueller, is a long-time friend of Swoozie’s and we are excited to support her in this new endeavor. She sat with us to share more on the magazine, and she joins us this Fall at several of our store locations so you can mix and mingle, enjoy a mint julep and take a look at the hot-off-the-press pages of SouthernLeague!

Click to see the list of upcoming events with SouthernLeague, and if you can’t make it, click to purchase a copy of your very own!

Here’s what Christie Leigh had to say about the magazine …..

Congrats on the launch of SouthernLeague! Tell us more.

Thanks!  It’s been a great adventure breaking into a relatively new market and creating a different publication.  So far SoLeague has received great reviews; we’re excited to keep selling and spreading the word.

What was your inspiration for SouthernLeague Magazine?

I wanted to create something that brought together Belles and Gents in the New South.  SouthernLeague is based on the philosophy of playing hard but working harder to make aspirations become realities. Creating the magazine was a chance to capitalize on the younger generation that inspires so much of the style, movement, and excitement around the south and of course, SEC football.

What has been the greatest thing about the new publication for you?

Reading what people send in about their thoughts, experiences, and adventures of being Southerners.  We love hearing and sharing people’s stories—from small businesses, to 6th generation Southerners—everyone has a story, and we have an outlet to share it.

What can we expect next from you & SouthernLeague?

We’re working toward printing more than once a year. It’s such an exciting process and there are so many things to cover on the topic of inspiring the New South. Assuming we sell out this year, you can look for us to print a few editions per year in the future!



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