Swoozie’s Sweethearts Tailgate

We can’t help but get in the spirit of tailgate season – a time for entertaining and celebration at it’s best. And, who better to have fun with during football season than the students themselves! Katie at Let’s Be Preppy hosted our inaugural Swoozie’s Sweethearts Tailgate to help kick off the season in style.
Below she shares the details of the tailgate she hosted, loaded with fun gear & decor, as South Carolina took on UAB.
Thanks to Swoozie’s, we had a FULL tailgate spread over the weekend. The spread is the most important part to your tailgate. The spread is any and everything including tables, food, plates, cups, platters and everything in between!
Swoozie’s sent us SO much fun Gamecock stuff! We had plenty to use, share, and keep using for the rest of the season!
Before we set up our official spread, I was playing around as we unpacked the car. Here’s the best Heisman I could come up with with that HUGE Gamecock burlap football!
Not only did we have an awesome, full spread, but it was ALL Gamecock Gameday themed!
These buckets were a HUGE hit along with the Gamecock 1801 platters! Since it was LBP‘s birthday, I got some cupcakes that people enjoyed munching on all day long!
Ever seen a redneck wine glass? Our whole crew was sporting them all day!
Swoozie’s even included a personalized one for me!
This was DEFINITELY the most fun I’ve ever had at a tailgate! I love being a Swoozie’s Sweetheart!
 Happy tailgate season y’all!!
xx Katie


Special guest Katie Rudder of popular-preppy blog, Let’s Be Preppy. Katie is a senior Marketing major at the University of South Carolina and is one of our Swoozie’s Sweethearts. She also works part-time at a Lilly Pulitzer store in South Carolina. Be sure to send her a sweet tweet at @letsbepreppy!

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