While many people think we are in the business of gifts, really we are in the business of celebration, recognition and appreciation.

It is because people graduate, have babies, get married, have birthdays, host parties and many other life moments, we are able to find gifts for you to give to celebrate these special occasions.

Through our products, our employees, and our stores, we hope to make you smile, laugh with friends, cry tears of joy and to help inspire the celebrations that make every day special.

As we gear up for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we take this time to reflect upon you, each of you, that allow us to do what we do day in and day out. Today marks the start of our Annual Customer Celebration, where we celebrate and appreciate you with a special gift of 25% off our entire collection at Swoozie’s with code CELEBRATE25.

This is an important time for us. And, we want to hear from you. What you are loving, what you are missing, what you want to see from us that will help you better celebrate life’s moments this holiday season and beyond.

Leave us a comment below, send us a tweet, or post on our Facebook Wall. We want to hear from you as we strive to be better and better every day.

Special thanks to each of you. We appreciate your support, and we are dedicated to celebrating you now and every day!

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