It’s a Water Party!

What can I say, I am a sucker for a good themed party.  I have to be honest, it is one of the super fun parts of being a mom!  I get to express my creativity and do it for my kids. My daughter, Ava turned 5 and she wanted a water party.  What a great way to end summer and run a bunch of energy out of Ava and her friends.

Cupcakes are a must, I added a touch of whimsy.  And a massive cupcake for effect, and a focal point.

The raspberry lemonade was a big hit, but not as big as the blue and green straws for extra fun.

The kids had a blast running through sprinklers and slipping and sliding down the massive slide.  The colorful kickboards added to the fun!

Ava just could not resist a lick of the blue icing and the kids loved the goggles that we gave them as favors.  They were fitted with goggles and water guns as they arrived, so there was sure to not be a dry kid at the party!

It was fun to add some color to the gift table with wrapping paper that are in the cool, neon colors of summer!

GUEST BLOGGER: April is a mom of two to Ava and Aiden. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama and is a member of the Tri Delta Alumnae Association. April is also active in the Atlanta non-profit community. Be sure to give her a tweet at @aprilvoris.

Images via Cecilia Andrews Photography

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