Back to Campus with Lilly Pulitzer

Now that everyone is back to school and settling in, campus queen Katie Rudder of the blog Let’s Be Preppy, shares with us some of her favorite Lilly Pulitzer items that she can’t live without when she is hitting the books.

iPhone 4 Case: I LOVE the “Spike the Punch” print! It is too cute. I also love that it features pineapples prominently! Pineapples are a sign of welcome, and what better way to welcome the new school year!

Thermal Mug: In humid South Carolina, you NEED a thermal mug! It’s an absolute back to school must have if you live anywhere that stays warm for a little! That way you drink doesn’t get sweaty on your desk, all over you notes, or while you’re at the library!

2012-2013 Large Agenda: Are you in class right now? Look around, and guess how many of your classmates have these Lilly agendas? Liiiiiiiiike, everyone, right? Right, so now pick your favorite and start scheduling! Can’t decide on your favorite print? No biggie, at only $25.95 you can get a new one at the beginning of the next semester!

iPad Sleeve: Did you make the switch from notebook to iPad? This neoprene sleeve a great way to make sure that it’s protected whether you take it in your backpack or purse!

Calculator: Now that I’m a senior in the business school, we get to use fancy schmancy calculators, but once in awhile I’ll get a professor who only allows a 4 function calculators on exams. How perfect is this? A preppy calculator that fits the simple bill!

Can Hugger: Although not exactly a school supply, my morning soda is definitely well-dressed in a Lilly koozie!


Special guest Katie Rudder of popular-preppy blog, Let’s Be Preppy. Katie is a senior Marketing major at the University of South Carolina and is one of our Swoozie’s Sweethearts. She also works part-time at a Lilly Pulitzer store in South Carolina. Be sure to send her a sweet tweet at @letsbepreppy!

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