A Swoozerific Workplace Survival Kit

It isn’t always easy waking up every day to go into work, especially when you don’t like your job. Finding the motivation to finish projects, meet deadlines, and cooperate with your supervisor can sometimes feel cumbersome.

Thankfully, Shameeka Ayers, author of Instantly! How Quickly I Realized I HATE My Job and founder of The Broke Socialite lifestyle brand, has stepped in to supply us with her suggestions on some of the top Swoozie’s products that women need to survive in the workplace.

  1. The Procrastination Box Sign: This sign sums it up! Hang it in your office or cubicle and the next time somebody asks for a finished project simply refer them to the sign.
  2. Dammit Doll: For those days when nothing goes right and you just want to hit the wall, take solace in a Dammit Doll- a friend you can slam, whack, pull and squeeze!
  3. The Personalized Stamper: Adding a personalized touch to letters, thank you notes, or any other documentation you could be sending is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your other co-workers.
  4. The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: For those who want a more stylish way to stay organized than a PDA, this agenda is the perfect way to keep on top of all your appointments!
  5. Custom Color Typography Print: We all need a little motivation from time to time. Hanging this sign near your desk can always give you that extra oomph needed!

We’re honored to have Shameeka with us to do a special book signing and reading of Instantly! How Quickly I Realized I HATE My Job. The first signing will be at the Swoozie’s Atlanta location on July 10th {click here to RSVP} with dates for more Swoozie’s locations to be released soon.

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