Dammit Doll!

Having a case of the Mondays? I’ve got just the thing for you …. THE Dammit Doll!

When you feel like taking the blame out somewhere, these little guys are there for you to slam, wham, stretch and pull. From spilling red wine on your favorite white pants to coping with a devastating break up, the Dammit Doll is your new best friend.

And, the perfect pick-me-up gift for a friend in need { much more fun than a sympathy card, don’t you think? } Any dad with a sense of humor would love a Dammit Doll and a six-pack of his favorite brew for a fabulous Father’s Day filled with laughs.

And, we’ve got a fun little giveaway to help relieve a little stress in the world. Tell us about your frustrations – Tweet it, Pin it, or Post it on Facebook with a #DammitDoll hashtag and you’re entered to win your own little piece of therapy in doll-form!


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