Brilliant Gifting with Deep South Magazine!

Today we’re serving up some sweet tea and extending some Southern hospitality with an extra special guest. Y’all give a big welcome to Erin Bass of Deep South Magazine as she shares her top Southern gift picks.

Southern Women Foam Cup – We all know there’s nothing like a Southern woman anywhere else in the world, as do our husbands and significant others. Sometimes mine needs a little reminding though, and filling this cup with a cocktail on the back porch could help with that.

Southern Beverage Napkin – At Deep South, we certainly believe Southern is a state of mind. The colors on this napkin really make it pop, and the fact that it’s printed with the words “fried chicken,” “sweet tea” and “front porches” make me want to stock up.

Iced Tea Recipe Pitcher – Now, I know most Southerners know how to make the perfect pitcher of iced tea, but this would make a great gift for someone new to town or a new bride.

The South Oval Platter – With all the Southern food, from butter beans to banana pudding, written around the rim of this platter, you could just display it and not cook anything at all, but it would look mighty nice piled with some pimento cheese sandwiches or deviled eggs.

Redneck Wine Glass – The only thing that makes the Mason Jar any better is an alcoholic beverage inside of it. I absolutely love the idea of a sipping wine from what has become such a classic, Southern staple!

Which do you love the most?

About Erin:

Erin Z. Bass has more than 10 years of writing experience and holds a BA in Journalism from Louisiana State University. She’s been published in Coastal Living, Southern Breeze and The Times Picayune. She publishes Deep South from Lafayette, Louisiana, with the help of several interns, freelance contributors and a husband who serves as website/tech support. When she’s not posting on the website or tweeting, she can be found at the library book sale, out in her garden or mixing up some homemade ice cream.

About Deep South Magazine:

Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Deep South is an online magazine and blog with a mission to connect the Southern states, and Southerners to each other, through stories on food, travel, culture, arts and literature, as well as an active Facebook page and Twitter account. We realize that Southern can be a state of mind, so Northerners are welcome, and we’re always touched to hear we’ve brightened the day of a homesick Southerner. Our Southern Voice section presents submitted fiction, nonfiction and poetry, while our Southern Literary Trail App offers a guide to writers’ homes and literary landmarks throughout the South.

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