Behind the Design with Silhouette Artist, Lena Bengston

Silhouette artistry is a tradition for many families. Capturing the profile of a loved one is something that can be cherished for years to come.

We look forward to having artist Lena Bengston of Silhouettes by Lena at several of our Swoozie’s locations this month to capture your own silhouettes, click here to see the upcoming event schedule. today we have her here with us on the blog as our “Behind the Design” series continues.

How did you get started in silhouettes?

My degree is in Fine Art and I have always enjoyed cutting painting portraits, but I never did learn anything about silhouette cutting while in art school. It wasn’t until I taught art in Ohio that I was introduced to silhouettes. That was only because they made me do it, even though I tried to tell them that I had no experience with this art form. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was a wonderful form of portraiture. Within a few months I was creating silhouettes professionally.

What inspires your work?

I have always enjoyed creating portraits and silhouettes are an affordable type of portrait and they capture an exact likeness in just a few minutes. Mark Twain said that you should make your vocation feel like a vacation. I’m so fortunate to feel exactly that way.

What makes your work unique?

A professional silhouette artist in Ohio showed me the technique that I use. It’s called the European Embellished Style. I add hair and clothing detail with a few extra snips with my scissors. I think this creates a more interesting and attractive work of art.

My favorite color is: 

Though I work in black and white, I love all color. My background is in art, color is supreme. I like to wear teal, and I use that color a lot in my home.

My favorite occasion to celebrate is: 

Christmas is the occasion that nobody is allowed to miss. So that’s when all the family is together. That makes it my favorite time. We dress up and dance around the tree, and eat our traditional Swedish food.

The best gift I ever received was: 

My favorite gift? I don’t have one, I could live without most things, as long as I have food a home and a car and my work supplies. My photos I would not like to be without.

A party is not complete without: 

My favorite get-togethers include a few friends and some good food. Small dinner parties are my favorite.

Thanks to Lena for joining us. Be sure to make it out for our upcoming events to have a silhouette of your own!

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