Swoozie’s is All About the Designer!

Here at Swoozie’s, we know a good designer when we see one. And we love nothing more than finding the best designers and introducing you to their fabulous work. We are so pleased to  give you your first look at a couple of our favorite designers’ new Spring 2012 collections:

Dylan’s Candy Bar

There’s no denying it – Dylan Lauren is the ultimate Candy Queen. Inspired by the colorful swirls and speckles of candy and candy wrappers, all of Dylan’s patterns have one thing in common: they’re simply delicious! One of the things we admire most about Dylan is her bold use of color. Many designers would shy away from using so many hues in one pattern. Not Dylan! Each of her patterns feature every color of the rainbow – and she pulls it off so well. That’s a testament of her true talent. We’re so excited to see these scrumptious new candy-inspired patterns on some of our favorite stationery and household items. They look SO delicious, we have to remind ourselves to save the tasting for the real candy!

One of our absolute favorite new items from Dylan’s Spring 2012 collection is the iPhone cover. Not only is the case colorful and fun – but get this – it’s scented! So it both looks AND smells yummy. How can you go wrong? Whether you want to get this as a gift for a tween or you want to carry it yourself, this case is so girly and fun.

Another one of our favorites from Dylan’s collection are the party supplies. It’s impossible not to have a fun, fabulous time when your plates and napkins are so festive! Plus, a candy-themed party is PERFECT for a girls night or your daughter’s birthday celebration. Simply set up a candy bar, decorate the room with streamers and confetti, and get ready for a sugar high! These candyspill cups are ideal for serving a fun drink like fruit punch. Paired with a wedge of fruit and a piece of red licorice for a straw, of course.
Jonathan Adler
If you know Jonathan Adler, you know he has an eye for design. Inspired by his original love for pottery making, his impeccable taste is evident in all of the products he creates. Whether Jonathan is designing furniture, home goods, or stationery, his talent always shows through in his sophisticated yet fun use of color and pattern.
We are so pleased to introduce you to Jonathan Adler’s new Spring 2012 patterns. Each of these new prints was meticulously designed, each featuring a magnificent pop of color just perfect for Spring. Jonathan just released four new patterns, perfect for each of your personalities and styles. The new patterns are Gothic Rose, Birds, Swirls, and Watergate. Which is your favorite?
One of our go-to Jonathan gifts from the new Spring 2012 collection is the Note Cube. These stylish notes give your grocery list or office gossip a little extra pizazz. Why use an ugly yellow pad when this is an option?! These also make a super simple, easy teacher’s gift. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these beautiful, sophisticated cubes on their desk?

We also LOVE Jonathan’s new line of electronic accessories. All of the magnificent new patterns are available in covers for your iPad and iPhone. And our favorite part? Jonathan has also designed matching ear buds! While many designers have gorgeous electronics cases, very few create beautiful headphones. Jonathan thinks of everything! And with the complete set, your electronics will never feel more stylish. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to drop a hint to your man that you want some Jonathan Adler with your flowers and chocolate!

What are your favorite new gifts from the Dylan’s Candy Bar and Jonathan Spring 2012 collections?

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