Love is in the Air at Swoozie’s!

Swoozie’s loves the season of love! Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away and we’re pleased to share some tips to help make your Valentine’s Day special for all the loves in your life.

Treasure Hunt for the Swooz-a-roos

We love all of our little ones – and our little ones LOVE Valentine’s Day! Make the day extra special for your children by planning a treasure hunt. Hide clues around your home, leading from one location to the next. But instead of simply finding a clue at each location, leave a piece of Valentine’s Day candy for your children to collect with each clue. At the end of the treasure hunt, leave a lovable Cordy stuffed animal waiting for each kid as the final prize!

The Classmates 

Children LOVE celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. From making their Valentine’s mailbox for their desk, to handing out goodies and cards to their classmates, to making Valentine’s cards for their family members, it is a special day of hearts and fun! This year, send your children to school with fabulous, personalized cards. Designed by our Swoozie’s team, and only $1 each, there are perfect options for your little boys or girls.

The Teachers

Don’t forget about your teachers! They spend all day teaching, loving, and caring for our children, so they deserve to be shown some love as well! One of our favorite gifts for the teachers is this delicious Jar of Cookies or a loving sign to hang on the classroom wall.

Teachers do so much for us, and they always appreciate when a parent and child go out of their way to show their recognition for their hard work.

Your Best Friend

Your best friend is there for you for everything. You laugh, you shop, you gossip, you care for each other. So when Valentine’s Day comes around, there is no better day to show her how much you love her than with a sweet, funny gift. These Valentine’s Day signs are our favorite gift for the best friend. Whether she’s the bacon to your eggs, the sprinkles on your ice cream, or the shake to your bake, these signs are sure to bring a giggle or two.

Your Husband

Of course you want to plan a special day for the man you love the most! Adorn your table with candles, get dressed up, and start the night with a wine and cheese platter. This Slate Serving Tray is perfect for serving cheese. Write the name of each type you’re sampling as well as a sweet message for your man. After your appetizer at home, continue out for your dinner reservations or instead, plan a special dinner to cook at home. Choose a special menu of something you wouldn’t normally cook yourself – such as steak or lobster. He’ll certainly be impressed!

Do you have any special ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear them!

Click here to browse Swoozie’s Valentine’s Day Book.

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