Get Creative with Chalkboard China!

At Swoozie’s, we LOVE finding innovative, unique, and fun products that will start conversations whenever you have guests visit your home. As soon as we met Candace Neff Randolph, we knew she had a fabulous collection that any Swoozie’s girl would love – Chalkboard China.

With a love for entertaining, Candace was searching for a way to customize and personalize her dishes for individual events. Inspired by her mother, grandmother, and the desire to make other feel welcomed in her home, Candace came up with the idea of Chalkboard China. This collection features wine glasses, a charger, carafe, vase, and a variety of dishes that each feature a section covered in a washable, chalkboard coating.

These dishes are PERFECT for a dinner party, bridal tea, or even a rehersal dinner. To plan your seating arrangement, simply pull out your piece of chalk and write your guest’s name along the brim of the charger. Or for fun, you can doodle a festive design on the plate to go along with the current season. The wine glasses also make it easy for your guests to keep up with their drinks. There is no need to remember which wine charm is her’s when her name is written right on the glass!

Have you used any Chalkboard China pieces at any of your bridal functions or dinner parties?

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