The Bridal Parties!

Now that you’ve selected your bridal party, it’s time to plan your bridal parties!

Here at Swoozie’s, party planning is our thing. And while planning your big day is undeniably memorable and special, the real fun happens planning your pre-wedding parties! Bridal showers, couples showers, bachelorette parties… we LOVE helping you come up with ideas for these events. Before you say “I Do” let us Swoozie you!

Couples Showers

Couples showers are all the rage right now. Couples have groups of mutual friends, so why split up for separate parties? While a traditional girls-only bridal shower is always fabulous, it is so much fun to have all of your friends and family together for one big party.

Stock the Bar Shower

One of our favorite couples shower themes is the Stock the Bar Party. This party is so much fun for both the hosts and the guests! Not only will you get to plan yummy drinks to go along with your finger food, but you can have a lot of fun with the party favors. A fun idea: pick the couple’s favorite drink recipe and print it on cardstock. Punch a hole and tie the recipe card around whichever mini bottle of liquor is needed to mix the drink. Attending a Stock the Bar Party soon? Our go-to gifts are the Corkcicle, The Redneck Wine Glass, Cork Cage, and the Glacier Rocks Set.

The Cookout Shower

Who doesn’t love grilling out?! The Cookout is another fabulous theme for a couples shower. As a host, set up a cookout of your own. Grill your favorite foods, serve a refreshing summer cocktail, and set up some fun outdoor games for your guests to enjoy. This is also the PERFECT time to use personalized cups, plates, and napkins, adorned with the bride and groom’s names. A fun touch: create custom koozees for all of your guests to use at the party and take home with them at the end of the day. Whether you chose to personalize the koozee with a fun phrase or with the couple’s names, this is a party favor they’re sure to use over and over again. Our favorite Cookout Shower gift for the bride is the Casserole Carrier and our favorite for the groom is the Personalized Glass Cutting Board.

Bachelorette Party

There’s no denying it – one of the most fun things about getting married is your last night out with the girls. They’ve been there for you through it all – wedding planning included! – and they’re eager to send you off into married life with a last hurrah! Swoozie’s is THE place to go to select fabulous invitations and stock up on your bachelorette party gear. We especially love the “Because I’m the Bride That’s Why” collection. It’s just so much fun! As a great idea to hold on to the memories of the night, have each of your girls to sign this Bachelorette Autograph Frame. Select your favorite photo from the night and proudly display it on your desk. No matter how you chose to spend your bachelorette night, as long as your girls are with you you’ll have a blast. Just make sure you include a splash of confetti!

The Bridal Event

Don’t forget about Swoozie’s Bridal Event on January 22, 2012. This complementary event offers all kinds of fabulous tips and goodies for your shower and wedding planning. Click here to RSVP on Facebook or email your reply to Include your full name, address, the location of the Swoozie’s store in which you will be attending the event, and the total number of people who will be attending in your party. Also, now through January 22, use the code WEDDING10 at checkout to receive 10% off any purchase from the Swoozie’s Wedding Book.

What is your favorite themed shower you have ever attended?

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