Swooz Your Gifts!

Gift-giving is SO much fun. We love to pick out the perfect gift for each person on our list. But now that we’re wrapping up our shopping, it’s time to wrap those gifts!! And nobody Swoozes up gifts like Swoozie’s!

A gift is so much more special when it’s wrapped with pizazz. Whether you want to go the traditional paper-and-bow route or turn your packaging into part of the gift, we have all kinds of fabulous ideas to help make your gift magnificent!

The Picnic Basket

Forego the usual paper gift bag and give a festive bag they’ll use each holiday season! This sturdy, candy cane striped collapsable picnic basket is perfect to present gifts, wrapped or unwrapped.

The Santa Bag

You’ll be as adored as Santa himself when you walk in the house with this Santa Bag in tow. In sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large, there is a bag to fit any size gift! Use this bag to tote wrapped gifts or in leu of a gift bag.

Swoozie’s Gift Wrapping

Did you know that Swoozie’s offers gift wrapping? Of course we do! We’re all about presentation, so we LOVE to wrap gifts and tie them up with a bow! We offer gift wrapping on ANY gift, even ones you didn’t pick up at Swoozie’s. So come in and let us Swooz them up! Whether you’re looking for the complimentary white box with pink and orange ribbon, our signature pink and orange wrap, or if you would like to pick out your own paper from our wrap selection, we have something you’ll love.

How are you going to be wrapping your gifts this holiday season?

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