Swoozie’s Top Teacher’s Gifts!

There’s no denying it – teachers are AMAZING. They fill our children’s minds with knowledge; they care for our little ones; they’re inspirational. It makes us SO happy when kids come in to Swoozie’s to pick out gifts for their teachers. They’re always so eager to pick out something special! We just love their excitement.

To show our appreciation for teachers – and to help you get an idea of the gifts they love – we recently hosted a Teacher’s shopping night at Swoozie’s of Buckhead. We invited a group of teachers from Kids R Kids Mableton in to enjoy some cookies, pink champagne, and pick out their favorite gifts (under $25!) that they would love to receive for the holidays!

Many of the teachers agreed that they LOVE getting holiday-themed items from their students. Holiday-themed gifts are the types of items that are the most fun and that they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves. They also love how excited their students are to give them these gifts. Here are a couple of our teachers’ top-picks for their favorite holiday gifts!

Shanna’s Picks:

Shanna LOVES getting holiday-themed gifts from her students. Her favorite item from Swoozie’s is the holiday tumbler! Here are some of Shanna’s top-picks:

Sandi’s Picks:

Sandi prefers gifts that she can use year-round. From bags to notebooks, she picked out all kinds of fun, practical items! Her favorite Swoozie’s item is the Collapsible Picnic Basket. Here are some of Sandi’s top-picks:

Amanda’s Picks:

Like Shanna, Amanda loves to receive holiday-themed gifts from her students! She picked out some fabulous items, including her favorite: The Christmas Mug with a lid and spoon! Here are some of Amanda’s top-picks:

As a thank you to our fabulous teachers, we let each one of them take home their favorite item from their lists! It was a magnificent night and we loved getting all of their feedback on the best gifts for teachers.

What gift will you be getting for your teachers this year?

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