The Elves have Taken Over Swoozie’s!!

One of our FAVORITE things about the holidays are the traditions. From baking cookies to hosting parties, there is nothing better than spending time with your family and close friends. As soon as we heard about Elves from Catie, we KNEW this was a tradition all of you would love add to your holiday festivities!

Elves from Catie are fun, stuffed elves that visit your home during the holidays. They sit totally frozen in place whenever people are around. But as soon as you leave? Chaos ensues!!

Since Elves from Catie have been in Swoozie’s, they’ve already been caught creating mischief! This little guy just couldn’t resist the candy canes!

One of the best things about Elves from Catie is their story. Inspired by Catie Wilkins, a girl who lost her battle with cancer in 2007, a portion of the proceeds from each Elf sold is donated to CURE Childhood Cancer.

You may purchase Elves from Catie in-stores or online at Swoozie’s. Even better, if you would like to send Elves from Catie to children who will be spending time in the hospital this holiday season, simply tell a Swoozie’s salesperson! She will ring up your Elf purchase, hold the Elf in the store, and it will all be delivered to the hospital. Not only will your gift bring a child joy, but you will also be supporting a worthwhile organization.

Enjoy the tradition of Elves from Catie and stay tuned to see what other mischief they get into this holiday season! Have your Elves from Catie been creating mischief in your house? We would LOVE to see some pictures. Share them with us on Facebook!

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