Pin It to Win It!

We recently created a Swoozie’s Pinterest account and are LOVING the site! Pinterest is full of SO many brilliant ideas, we could spend hours looking at Pins and getting inspiration. For those of you who are new to Pinterest – just like us! – we’re excited to introduce you to your new favorite thing. Simply sign up for a Pinterest account and create inspiration Boards for different themes. For example, Swoozie’s “Little Swooz-a-roos” Board is where we post everything relating to babies and children. Our “So Swoozie’s” Board is home to all-things pink, orange, and fabulous!

Whenever you are browsing a site online and see something you like – you Pin it! Simply select which Board you would like to Pin the image, write a short description, and the image and link will stay on your Board for you and all of your Pinterest followers to see.

Not only can you Pin items you see online, but you can also Repin items that others have Pinned. That means if you Pin something magnificent, the word spreads faster than confetti!

While we’re still new to Pinterest, we are SO excited to add more pizazz to our Boards and see what all of you are Pinning! To get the celebration started, we’ve decided to host a little contest using Pinterest.

Pin It to Win It!

1. Sign up for a Pinterest Account (If you have trouble signing up, find a friend who is already on Pinterest and ask her to send you an invitation!)

1. Go to Swoozie’s Pinterest Page and Follow all of our Boards.

2. Browse the Swoozie’s website and find something fabulous that you would like to win.

3. Pin that item and add it to one of your Boards, including the phrase “Brilliant Swoozie’s Gift” in the description.

We’ll look at all of your Swoozie’s Pins and select one at random to win the item you Pinned! The more you Pin, the better!

Have you signed up for your Pinterest Account yet? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for some Pinning inspiration and get Pinning!

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