Swoozie’s College Football Scene – Week Eleven

It’s getting close to the end of football season, but here at Swoozie’s we’re all still enjoying each game and tailgate! We’re excited to bring you our Week Eleven report from our SEC, ACC, and Gridiron Belles Tailgate Tour correspondents.

Top 5 Tailgating Must Haves from Saturday: Georgia vs. Auburn

Tailgating Expert: Christie Leigh Mueller

1. A bulldog. If tents are a tailgate staple at every other SEC tailgate, bulldogs are the staple at a University of Georgia tailgate. “Russ” is the interim bulldog mascot and nearly every tailgate on campus had a cousin, friend, or distant relative of “Russ” or “Uga” to help entertain fans before the game.

2. Chick-Fil-A. Why make fried chicken from scratch when the delicious Chick-fil-a is a hometown staple? UGA fans need not worry that they can’t order a chicken biscuit on Sunday; they’ve had more than their fill from tailgating in Athens on Saturday.

3. Black and red wardrobe. I haven’t decided which team has the best team colors for successful fashionable game day outfits, but black and red is certainly at the top of the list. The belles and gents in Athens are something to write home about.

4. Battle Hymn of the Republic. The biggest pre-game concern for a Georgia fan is making it into Sanford stadium in time to hear the lone trumpeter play the opening notes of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. There is no feeling more bone chilling and pride filling than that sound on a Saturday in Dixie.

5. The perfect bark. I would be remiss if I directed you toward Athens for a football game and forgot to instruct you to practice your bark! Of course, Georgia fans’ barks are much bigger than their bites—but with 90, 000 plus barking at once, it’s enough to scare a tiger!

SEC Updates – Week Eleven

1. LSU can wrap up the Western Division championship by winning at Ole Miss and then coming back home and taking care of Arkansas on Nov. 25. They have the skills to do this and should not have a problem if they continue to play the type of football they have been playing all year. But… they have a strong Arkansas team gunning for them.

2. There is still a chance that there will be a rematch of Alabama and LSU. Alabama could still use a little more aid, but after Boise State and Stanford both lost this weekend, things are looking up. Alabama had a 24-7 victory over Mississippi State and is now standing at No. 3, meaning a rematch with LSU remains very possible. What they need now is the win out their games against Georgia Southern and Auburn and then for Oklahoma State to lose. They also need to work on their kicking game.

3. Arkansas is still not totally out of it. What could make it interesting is if Arkansas wins their next two games, including the regular-season finale at LSU on Nov. 25. They stomped Tennessee 49-7 on Saturday and have scored 93 points in their last two games. Arkansas has come up to No. 6 in the newest BCS standings, so they are now in position. The key for them is going to be getting into the SEC championship game and winning, because it’s going to be difficult for them to move high enough in the polls if they’re not the SEC champion. For that to happen, Arkansas has to beat LSU and then hope the Tigers don’t fall behind Alabama in the BCS standings that come out on Nov. 27. If all three teams have one loss, they’re all going to be within five spots of each other. In that scenario, a head-to-head competition between the two highest teams in the BCS standings will determine the SEC champion. Arkansas lost to Alabama in the regular season, which is why the Hogs need the Crimson Tide to be third.

4. Georgia can clinch the Eastern Division championship this coming weekend with a win at home over Kentucky. This should not be a problem since Georgia is playing their best football at the best time possible. Quarterback Aaron Murray is showing everybody why he entered the season as the SEC’s premier quarterback. Murray threw four more touchdown passes Saturday in Georgia’s 45-7 beat down of Auburn, the Bulldogs’ eighth straight win. He has nine touchdown passes in his last two games and 27 for the season, which is the new school record.

5. Vanderbilt moved to within one game of becoming bowl eligible with their win over the Kentucky Wildcats. Now they are gunning for a “beat up” Tennessee Team. A win over Tennessee would be another huge step for a bowl game and capturing many TN-bound, in-state recruits.

ACC Updates – Week Eleven

1. Virginia Tech defeated Georgia Tech on Thursday night to all but seal their place in the ACC title game. They have yet to face UNC and in-state rival UVA and neither game should be looked over just yet. Georgia Tech may have beaten themselves with costly personal fouls and play calls, including a punch thrown at VT’s quarterback.

2. Clemson would have lost their game Saturday to Wake Forest if it weren’t for their run late in the game. The Tigers did solidify their place in the championship game in Charlotte in December and it is the 3rd time this season they have come back from a 14 point or greater deficit. The game was decided by a Clemson last second field goal to put them ahead 31-28. Wake’s 2 missed field goals in the game are plays they would really like back.

3. Florida State will keep the ACC bragging rights in their home state with a win against Miami this week. It was a disappointing loss for the Hurricanes with 3 turnovers and 9 penalties and they gave FSU the first home win in the series in 6 years. Miami will need a win against South Florida this coming weekend to become bowl eligible.

4. NC State coach Tom O’Brien was hired from Boston College. However, it has not helped his team beat the Eagles, as they haven’t done so in 5 years. NC State has likely been knocked out of bowl contention unless they can scrape together a miracle underdog win against Clemson in Raleigh on Saturday.

5. Maryland has now lost six straight games and heads into back-to-back road games to finish the season against Wake Forest and NC State. Their starting quarterback, Danny O’Brien, broke a bone in his left arm and is out for the remainder of the season.

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