Thanksgiving Table Manner Tips!

Everyone here at Swoozie’s LOVES to throw a good dinner party. It’s already November, which means we only have a couple weeks left before one of the biggest dinner parties of the year – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to sit down with your friends and family and discuss all of the things for which you are appreciative.

However, with Thanksgiving approaching and because it is such a big dinner party, it is also the perfect time to teach your children important lessons on table manners and dinner etiquette! Who said teaching your kids table manners needs to be boring? Not us! One of our favorite things to add to the kids’ table this Thanksgiving is the Table Manners Lazy Susan. This magnificent centerpiece features pie wedges with helpful tips such as “chew with your mouth closed” and “try new things, you just might like them!” This is such an easy way to remind your children of proper dinner etiquette and makes a great gift for families with children.

We could actually all use a few fresh tips for dinner etiquette this Thanksgiving, so we turned to some of our favorite etiquette experts for some advice. Here’s what they had to say:

Patti Davis of Anatomy of a Dinner Party said, “My number one tip for holiday manners? Turn off those cell phones and really enjoy everyone around the table! Engage with those around you and remember to bring a hostess gift.”

Mindy Lockard of The Gracious Girl gave us two tips. She said, “How to know when to start eating? Take your cue from the host or hostess. From putting his or her napkin on his or her lap, to knowing when to take the first bite. Let them lead the way!”

Mindy also gave us a tip when it comes to toasting. She said, “Start the dinner off with a toast of welcome! There are two times during a meal when a toast can be given: the toast of welcome at the beginning and the toast to the guest of honor given by the Host at the dessert course. Toasts are nothing to fear, as they are simply a great way to celebrate a moment or someone special.”

Thank you to our experts for the fabulous tips. We would love to hear some of your table manner tips as well! What advice do you have to share this Thanksgiving?

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