Swoozie’s Introduces vonny

Earlier this year, I met three magnificent entrepreneurs whose product lines I couldn’t wait to bring to Swoozie’s and share with all of you. We are excited to announce one of these new, trend-setting collections – vonny!

Vonny Faucheaux and her husband Jerry are Louisiana natives who compliment one another in both their personal and professional relationship. Vonny’s unique design vision and Jerry’s managerial sense make for the perfect business partners.

Inspired by their move to Southern California, Vonny and Jerry sought out to create a line of functionally fabulous totes that would help their friends navigate their day-to-day lives, while making each day a little bit brighter. vonny totes are made to accompany the owner wherever they might go, have it be to the gym, a picnic, or the beach.

As soon as I saw vonny, I knew that these totes would fit in perfectly with the lifestyle of any Swoozie’s customer and make brilliant gifts. We ‘re excited to share with you a couple of our favorites that vonny has to offer!

The Casserole Tote

Ever find yourself walking into a party wearing oven mits to carry your casserole? It doesn’t have to be that way! Free up your hands and enter the party with style with this casserole tote. The durable, canvas bag is made to fit a 9×13 dish, or smaller, and features a handle and pouch to hold your serving utensils.

The Pie Carrier

Nothing is worse than spending hours baking the perfect pie to have it get jostled en route to your destination. You don’t have to worry about that anymore with this amazing pie carrier! The case fits a standard 9-10 inch pie that is up to 4 3/8 inches tall. Our favorite parts of the carrier – it is fully insulated and features a non-skid surface to maintain temperature and prevent the pie from sliding.

We are thrilled to carrying vonny gifts here at Swoozie’s! They are featured in our brand new Holiday 2011 Gift Guide, and they are the Brilliant Gift of the Day today!

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