Swoozie’s Celebrates with the Junior League!

Recently, Swoozie’s teamed up with the Junior League of Greensboro for an exciting event – The 2nd Annual Touch A Truck Event! Children and their families were invited to come out and see firsthand EMT vehicles, Time Warner trucks, bulldozers, police cars, and more! Children were allowed to climb in and out of the cars and even honk the horns. They LOVED it.

That gorgeous Sunday, we saw many our friends and met many new neighbors. We handed out ‘Show Us Your Swooz’ glasses, balloons, catalogs, and confetti. It was wonderful to see all the kids walking around with Swoozie’s balloons!

Emily from the Jr League said, “The Junior League of Greensboro is appreciative of Swoozie’s support and involvement in our second annual Touch A Truck event on October 9th. With over 2000 people in attendance and community-wide support, Touch A Truck was truly an amazing event! It is through the generosity of supporters such as Swoozie’s that the Junior League of Greensboro is able to help meet the basic needs of families and children in Greensboro and develop tomorrow’s civic and community leaders. For more information, please visit our website at www.juniorleagueofgreensboro.org or call (336) 852-5542.”

We would like to recognize all the hard work the Junior League puts into holding excellent events and giving back to the community. We truly love partnering with the League for any of their many programs that strive to enhance and improve this neighborhood and the city of Greensboro.

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