Swoozie’s Celebrates Allison and Morrison!

We are so excited to be in the middle of Swoozie’s Annual Customer Celebration! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our customers than to learn a little more about each of you and highlight your stories here on our blog. We got to know one of our customers, Allison, and her adorable daughter Morrison, as they stopped by Swoozie’s Chastain Square store in Atlanta.

Morrison is two years old – almost three – and has been invited to so many birthday parties lately! Morrison’s older brother has custom stickers that he places on his friends’ birthday gifts, so now it’s Morrison’s turn to pick out her own personalized, “From Morrison” stickers!

When Allison showed Morrison all of the different options, she selected the adorable “Pixie Pardner” sticker. Allison was very surprised because she has never talked to Morrison about cowgirls before. Perhaps we have a little equestrian in the making!

We LOVE having you as customers, Allison and Morrison, and we hope you enjoy all of your upcoming birthday parties!

Keep checking back to read more stories about some of our fabulous Swoozie’s customers! Don’t forget that now through October 9, 2011, we are celebrating YOU by offering 25% off your entire Swoozie’s purchase. Just mention the promotion in-store or enter the code CELEBRATION25 at checkout.

What are some of your best ideas for using personalized stickers?

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