Celebrating the Dinner Party

My favorite part of Swoozie’s Annual Customer Celebration event is seeing all of you – our fabulous, loyal Swoozie’s customers! Of course I LOVE talking to our customers year-round, but in the past week I have been able to catch up with so many more of you. I love hearing about your friends, family, and how Swoozie’s fits into all of your lives.

While talking to you on the floor, I’ve heard great feedback from all of you about our Customer Celebration Book. I have heard over and over again that you love the Dinner Party spread. I LOVE that spread too! I designed it from my heart. My husband and I took our family dinners very seriously; it was a sacred time of day in our home. We were committed to making sure that the family sat down at the table each evening to unwind and catch up on each others’ lives.

In addition to family dinners, we absolutely LOVED hosting dinner parties and going to dinner at our friends’ homes. We would use any excuse to get together with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy each others’ company. After years of hosting, I’ve learned the importance of keeping dinner party supplies on hand at all times and having brilliant hostess gifts on hand. Having these essential pieces ready on short notice makes it SO easy to celebrate the dinner party!

One of your (and my!) favorite pieces to include at dinner parties is the Cake Vintage Table Wrap. I met a customer at our Buckhead store who used it underneath glass and cut it to a round shape. Brilliant! While I was in our Dallas store, I was told another way to use it is to let it drape off a rectangular table that she used for a buffet. It naturally curls under on the ends, and it looked terrific! She showed me the picture. I love learning these things from our customers!

Other favorites are the cork cages! Not only do they make the perfect hostess gift, but they are wonderful to keep on-hand at your own dinner parties to collect your wine corks. These are SO much fun, and we have brought in new designs just for Fall! In fact this wreath is brand new, and we’re already getting great feedback!

Last Spring at Swoozie’s, we all remember how much you loved the bright, vibrant floral votive candle holders. We’re so excited to bring them back to you this Fall! Available in matte silver, bronze or gun metal, these votives will make a fabulous addition to your table setting.

Since I’m sure you’re all magnificent hostesses, do you have any hosting tips to share with all of us? We would love to hear some of your best ideas!

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