It’s a Monogrammed Bridal Shower!

The lucky bride-to-be has found the man of her dreams, so now it’s time to celebrate this new stage of her life! What’s better than a bridal shower focused around her new initials?! Check out some of these fabulous Swoozie’s gifts that allow any bride to proudly show off her new name.

The Personalized Wrap or Robe

Perfect for getting ready on her wedding day, this soft, comfy bath wrap can be embroidered with the bride’s new initials. Since her new initials are there to stay, this robe can be used every day thereafter! Featuring a velcro closure, it makes for easy on and off when it’s time to get dressed in the mornings.

Linens and Napkin Rings

Once the new bride and groom are settled into their home, the bride-to-be will be itching to throw her first dinner party! These elegant napkins and napkin rings are perfect for any occasion. To mix things up, simply order a set of the personalized napkins in multiple colors for the different seasons. That way, no matter what time of year it may be, the table will be set to impress! (These also make great “Around-The-House Shower Gifts”)

His and Hers Bath Towels

While the bridal shower may be all about the bride, we can’t forget to include the groom as well! These personalized bath towels are the perfect way to to give a gift to both the bride and groom. With lots of color combos to select from, you can chose to have the bride and groom’s first names embroidered onto each towel or chose their initials for an even more cohesive look. You’ll be happy to know that your gracious gift of these plush towels will be used every single day!

Personalized Totes

Now that the bride and groom have their honeymoon planned, all she needs is a new personalized tote before they hit the road! Don’t make her tie bows and ribbons onto her bag to make it distinguishable from the crowd, personalize it just for her! This bag features space to monogram their initials directly onto the bag, so there’s no way it will get lost on the baggage carousel. Let her groom stick to his boring, black luggage. This bright, vibrant bag is perfect for the bride!

Have you checked out our new Personalized Gift Catalog yet? What personalized items are going on your wish list?

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