Swoozie’s Personalized Plates

Personalized plates are one of some of the most special gifts! These plates offer so many ways to start new traditions in your family.  We’re excited to share some of these fabulous ideas with all of you.

The Birthday Plate

Children always look forward to their birthday. A personalized birthday plate is just one more way to make them feel special on their exciting day! You can make this be THE plate that you bring out every year for the birthday boy or girl to eat their slice of cake. Or better yet, create a custom plate each year featuring their age and their most important words of that past year – soccer, dance, chocoholic, etc. You’ll eventually have a complete set to bring up all the great memories over the years!

The Santa’s Cookies Plate

One of the most magical parts of being a child is Santa Clause. Make your Christmas Eve even more of a tradition with a special Santa’s Cookies plate! Whether you want your plate to say, “Say Hi to Rudolph!” or “No Coal, Please!” your children will love leaving Santa a message on this personalized plate.

The “Recognition” Plate

Children respond well to rewards, no matter how simple they may be. A great way to recognize your child’s good behavior in front of the entire family is with a “Recognition” personalized plate. Whenever your child does something special (gets a good grade, is especially polite to their sibling, cleans their room without being asked, etc.) this plate will show up at their spot at the dinner table! Your child will be excited to know that he or she has been recognized for their good behavior, even if he doesn’t know what he did to earn him the special plate. Personalize this fun plate with whatever message you desire!

Make sure to check out all of the fun, personalized plates Swoozie’s has to offer. Have any of you ever had personalized plates made for your children before?

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