Jennifer Aniston’s Swoozie Gifting

Did your Labor Day BBQ get rained out? If so, you may have caught one of our favorite shows, Ellen. Jennifer Aniston, stopped by to catch up with Ellen and gave her a few fabulous gifts. Has Jen been shopping at Swoozie’s?

Jen gave Ellen a pair of cozy white slippers, embroidered with an “E.” Whether you’re searching for a cozy gift or putting together a wedding day survival kit for your best friend, we agree with Jen, these slippers make for a gracious, personalized gift…that are clearly handpicked for the recipient.

After visiting Ellen’s home, Jen also noted that Ellen didn’t have any pictures of the two of them. She proudly gave her a framed snapshot of the them arm-in-arm. Although it was hilarious on the show, we totally understand the sentiment Jen.  This is one of the easiest gifts to put together, but always provides the perfect, personal touch.

But the gift stole the show was one of our most popular, most enduring gifts – Table Topics. We LOVE the Original Table Topics Cube that Jen gave Ellen! This acrylic cube is filled with 135 questions and conversation starters in the form of sleek, red cards. Set the cube on your coffee table and your guests will be chatting all night long! Just tie it up with a bow and bring it to your next party. And, although Jen brought if for Ellen in case she had any ‘boring guests’, you’ll never have  to worry about uncomfortable silence at your next party with this little trick up your sleeve.

Now we all know that Jennifer Aniston is a gracious guest. What about your guests? What is your favorite hostess gift you’ve ever received?

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