Swoozie’s does the Holiday Photo Cards that Make the Mantel

We know the Holidays are a busy time for all you ladies, so it’s time to cross one thing off your list – your family Holiday card! With your card on display in your friends’ and family’s homes for weeks, our goal is to help you find the perfect card that is so beautiful, fabulous and/or festive that it always ends up on the mantel with the best of the best. We are making the process as easy as possible this year. We want you to be able to order photo cards they way you are most comfortable. Whether you are electronically advanced or classic and traditional, we have options to fit your style.

Attach Your Own vs. Digitally Printed

Swoozie’s carries two styles of photo cards. The traditional style (attach your own photo) leaves a blank space for you to tape your printed photo onto the card, leaving a slightly three dimensional feel. These are just like mom’s Holiday cards! Digitally Printed cards are smooth, sleek, and one-dimensional. They are printed once, with the decor of the card and the digital photo being printed on one sheet. Both styles can be fabulous, so the choice is yours!

It’s All About Style

Which came first, the card or the photo? When it’s time to pick out Holiday cards, Swoozie’s ladies switch back and forth. Some ladies come to Swoozie’s first to select their favorite card and plan the family photo based off of the card style. Other Swoozie’s ladies come in with their photo in-hand and select the best card to showcase their family. No matter which route you take, your card will be magnificent! Plus, we are here to help make it all come together.

Making a List

Santa’s not the only one who needs to make a list! Any smart Swoozie’s woman knows she needs to be prepared before she orders her cards. Don’t forget to sit down and compose a list of all the fireplace mantels your card will be adorning this year. Have fun with it and make sure you include close service providers and businesses that you frequent. They love feeling important enough to receive a Holiday card. Don’t forget to send one to the doctor’s office, too! I always loved seeing all the Holiday cards from families when I took my three kids in to see their pediatrician each year, with so many different styles adorning the wall.

Show us Your Swooz

We want to see your adorable family! Show us your Swooz by showing us your family’s Holiday photo from this year or years past. On Friday, September 16, we will select one entry to win a box of Swoozie’s Holiday cards! Email your favorite photo to showusyourswooz@swoozies.com or post it on our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

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