Swoozie’s College Football Scene – Week One

Here at Swoozie’s, we promised you weekly updates on everything you need to know from last weekend’s gameday festivities. We are pleased to bring you Week One’s updates from the SEC, ACC, and Gridiron Belles Tailgate Tour.

SEC Updates- Week One

1. One of the most talked about things in SEC football this weekend was the outfit choices. Georgia shocked the traditional South by storming the field in the new Nike Uniforms on Saturday that were anything but traditional. I even overheard many Georgia fans referring to them as “Power Rangers”. Unfortunately for Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs, the “power” was not unleashed during Georgia’s disappointing 35-21 loss to Boise State 5th ranked in the AP Polls.

2.  One other highly talked about outfit choice was Tennessee’s Head Coach Derek Dooley’s “Rocky Top Orange” Pants. Most of the comments from the female spectators sounded something to the effect of…”If anyone can pull those off, he can!” Unlike GA’s “fashion faux pas”, this bold statement seemed to inspire the Vols to an impressive win 42-16 over Montana. The Orange Pants also seemed to ignite some confidence in the Vol’s offense, as seen in the play of the game, a 47 yard touchdown when Dooley called for a “flea flicker” and scored!

3. In the SEC rumor mill, many people are discussing the SEC adding two more teams to the division. The ramblings are consisting of Texas A&M and Virginia Tech as front runners to be courted over to the SEC. Another strong rumor is North Carolina making the move to the SEC, due to the scores needed in the SEC to pull up the overall grade point average. All of this is purely speculation at this point, but this may prove to be a very interesting decision which many fans will be talking about all season.

4. Steve Spurrier is back messing with his Quarterback’s again! Spurrier surprisingly started sophomore Connor Shaw on Saturday’s game against East Carolina instead of the Fifth Year Senior Stephen Garcia, who has started the previous 28 games. Spurrier finally allowed Garcia in the game during the 2nd quarter when the Gamecocks were down. Garcia brought them back for a win over East Carolina 56-37. Garcia considered leaving the team after being suspended for the fifth time for “unacceptable behavior “ at a life-skill session in April but decided to finish out with South Carolina and Spurrier. No doubt Spurrier will win this battle if history repeats itself.

5. The biggest, most exciting news from the SEC this weekend was #4 LSU’s upset over #3 Oregon. It is not common that you get such a highly ranked match up on game one of the season. The Oregon Ducks took the field in their always interesting uniform choices, since they live at Nike’s backdoor, they are always  the guinea pigs for the latest and greatest  football fashion, and one of the few teams that can pull off the look. They may be able to pull off the look, but they were not able to pull off a defeat over Les Mile’s LSU Tigers. LSU seemed to dictate the game from the start and finished 40-27. LSU will be one to watch on the road to the National Championship!

ACC Updates – Week One

1. With Week 1 in the books, it did leave a few ACC schools disappointed – Boston College fell to Northwestern, Wake Forest lost at Syracuse in overtime and this just wasn’t Duke’s year against Richmond.  Everyone else in the conference faired well against their season openers with only Maryland and Miami affecting their conference standings.

2. Virginia Tech has been pinned as one of the country’s programs to watch this season, with Logan Thomas at quarterback leading the team.  The Hokies went up 17-0 over Appalachian State in the first quarter and rolled past the Mountaineers with a final score of 66-13 starting off the season very strong.  Although Appalachian may not have been much of a test for VT, they learned the hard way last season not to take any wins for granted.

3. Miami went to College Park, MD for the only conference match-up this week, and between two first year coaches.  The suspensions at Miami appear to have been too much for the Hurricanes and Maryland came away with a ‘W’.  The real highlight of the game was the Terrapin’s helmets fashioned after the state flag making quite a statement, but I doubt any of the UMd faithful regret the uniform change-up.

4. Wake Forest fell in overtime to Syracuse on Thursday after quarterback Tanner Price was forced out of the game with a knee injury.  The first reports of his injury mentioned an ACL tear, but it has been downgraded to a sprain in his knee and he is expected to start Saturday in their home opener against N.C. State.

5. The Duke Blue Devils fell to the University of Richmond on Saturday in an unfortunate game. The only saving grace for Duke is that most of their fans do not have high expectations of the football team and can probably even laugh at their mishaps on the field.  They missed a field goal opportunity at the end of the first quarter due to time mismanagement and the kicker then missed a 28 yard field goal attempt at the end of the game that would have beat the Spiders.  Richmond took away their 3rd victory over the Blue Devils in the last 6 years and I would say that this season could be devastating for any Duke fans that realize they do actually field a team during football season.

Top 5 Tailgating Notables from LSU v Oregon

Tailgating Expert: Christie Leigh Mueller

1. There is power in numbers. LSU brought everything and everyone but Mike the Tiger.  LSU fans showed up in droves and covered the miles of empty fields and parking lots surrounding Cowboy Stadium.  It felt like a home game for the purple and gold.

2. Shade.  With a 7pm kickoff, I was impressed by the amount of Belles I saw pacing themselves in the shade and a seat! That’s a top rule for surviving the Southern sun on Saturdays.

3. Purple and gold looks good—on everyone! I saw jerseys, dresses and shorts being debuted for the season.  Not one ambivalent fan nearby and everyone dressed the part.

4. Jambalaya is heavenly. Somehow I managed to pass on ribs hot off of the grill, but a cast iron pot full of jambalaya? This Gridiron Belle simply could not resist the legendary dish of the fighting Tigers!  Mmmmm…

5. Non-conference upsets are great season openers! LSU showed the fruits of their off-season efforts by beating the Oregon Ducks 40-27.  A sweet victory for the SEC and LSU!

Geaux Tigers!

We were handing out these Geaux Tigers Koozies on Saturday. Did you happen to receive one, or see them? Click here to check them out!

Click to view more photos from our Tailgate Tour with Gridiron Belles!

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