2011 Gridiron Belles Tailgate Tour

Swoozie’s very own Tailgate Expert, Christie Leigh Mueller, along with Swoozie’s will soon begin the tailgate tour of the SEC! We are excited to host a Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie book signing in two Swoozie’s stores and join her tailgate on what’s sure to be many fabulous Saturdays. We look forward to joining Christie Leigh and seeing all you ladies on the road!

After spending the last three seasons on the road visiting all 12 SEC stadiums and conducting research on each school’s tailgating traditions, rituals and unspoken wardrobe rules, my 2011 Gridiron Belles Tailgate Tour is finally here! I’m lacing up my cleats and putting on my pearls… thankfully, Swoozie’s is coming with me!

In 2009, my experience with Swoozie’s was certainly one to remember. A photo shoot for loving tailgating? These people really understood me!  From the staff at the event to the welcome basket full of football themed treats, everything was impeccable. It only seemed natural to call Swoozie’s when I finally completed my book and was ready to hit the road.

After all, don’t we have the same target market—brilliant, creative, football-loving, hostess-prefecting, Southern Belles?  Why we certainly do.

It was a no brainer for Gridiron Belles and Swoozie’s to reunite.  This time, we are taking a grassroots—or shall I say “turfroots” approach.  We are heading out to do what we do best, tailgate, across the south.  We want to be out with our people.  We want to share, on a bigger level, the joys and rich traditions of Southern football.  So here we are, days away from the kickoff to the greatest season of the year, and Gridiron Belles and Swoozie’s are ready to be a part of one of the South’s greatest traditions.

2011 Gridiron Belles Tour Dates:

September 3, 2011: Oregon v LSU (Arlington, TX)
September 10, 2011: MS State at Auburn
September 17, 2011: Tennessee at Florida
September 24, 2011: Florida at Kentucky
October 1, 2011: Auburn at South Carolina
October 8, 2011: Georgia at Tennessee
October 22, 2011: Auburn at LSU
October 29, 2011: Arkansas at Vanderbilt
November 5, 2011: LSU at Alabama
November 12, 2011: Auburn at Georgia
November 19, 2011: LSU at Ole Miss
November 26, 2011: Alabama at Auburn
December 3, 2011: SEC Championship in Atlanta, GA

In addition to Swoozie’s joining my tailgate, they will be hosting a book signing in-store the Thursday evenings prior to two game days. The book signing dates are as follows:

November 3, 2011: Swoozie’s of Birmingham, AL
November 10, 2011: Swoozie’s of Norcross, GA

Make sure to stop by to chat, brush up on football knowledge, or purchase a copy of Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie. Can’t wait to see you there!

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