Meet our Tailgate Expert!

As you know, we take football very seriously. And, with every great football season comes amazing tailgating! We are so thrilled to introduce you to our tailgate expert/correspondent/enthusiast, Christie Leigh Mueller, author of the new book Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.

We Knew Her When …

Christie has always been a Swoozie’s client. But, our relationship really took off when she flew to Atlanta in 2009 for a Swoozie’s photo shoot. We issued a ‘Casting Call’ asking our customers to send us their favorite ‘Swoozie’s Stories”. Christie’s story and fabulous accompanying pictures blew us away! We knew immediately that she was a Swoozie girl through and through.

She was one of the ten customers who won an overnight trip to Atlanta, a makeover and a photo shoot. Her picture was on the front of our fall catalog in 2009.

As mentioned, Christie had been a long-time customer of Swoozie’s. “As my love of college football and correspondence took hold in college, Swoozie’s became my one-stop-shop.  I could fulfill my needs to be a fabulous gameday hostess AND pick up perfect thank you notes all in one place,” said Mueller.

We had so much fun with Christie, who added a ton of personality, energy and style to the photo shoot. She was a natural!

Get to Know Christie Leigh Mueller …

Born and raised a Kentucky Belle, Christie Leigh Mueller graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., (Southern in every sense of the word minus the football connotations), where she became acutely aware that not all of her girlfriends or Kappa Delta sorority sisters understood football. After four years of contemplating how she was going to rescue her friends from missing out on the joys of Saturdays in the fall, Christie Leigh decided to take action. Voila! Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.

Christie Leigh is a business etiquette consultant who worked in politics in Washington, D.C. and founded CLM Business Etiquette Consulting in 2009.  With a deep understanding of the civility and propriety that is an indispensable part of Southern football, Christie Leigh combined her two greatest passions, college football and etiquette, in her first book, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.

“Tailgating is the fancy part of a not so fancy sport! It’s a way to showcase your hostess skills with friends and strangers alike before showcasing your team allegiance.” We couldn’t agree more!

In Her Own Words ….

We asked Christie Leigh what inspired her to write her first book, Gridiron Belles. “Knowledge is power… and football knowledge means conversation power. Or at least conversation empowerment.  With an upbringing around the gridiron, I have never been at a loss for words, especially around males.  It helps break the ice at a party.  Football chatter allows you to learn about people’s personalities.  My girlfriends and sister didn’t have that luxury of starting a casual conversation about football with eligible suitors because they didn’t understand the game.  I wanted all women to have that confidence in their back pocket.

Also, as an etiquette consultant, I appreciated the civility and rules of hospitality displayed by Southern football. With stadiums that hold 100,000 people on any given Saturday, there is a great deal of respect and a few guidelines that help make Saturdays go smoothly.  I wanted all Belles to be knowledgeable about the gridiron and understand the gracious ways to be a part of gridiron.

Great Partnerships ….

The opportunity to partner with Christie Leigh Mueller for the 2011 College Football season is an amazing one. Christie started out as a client, became a friend, and is now an ambassador. One of our favorite things in the world is being able to support our friends at Swoozie’s. We are so excited to be a small part of Christie Leigh’s success by carrying her new book Gridiron Belles, which is now available at! We will also be teaming up with her on an upcoming campus tour – so stay tuned for some amazing tailgates!

Christie said one of her favorite Swoozie’s items for football this season what our “We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season” koozie – but I bet her book might just top this list this year too!

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